Prophetic Word for the next Kairos

I was praying here in my ministry weekend when I heard the uncommon reference come to my mind. I had my first trip to the USA in September. I heard the Lord speak about a new season at the end of the year, yet I was given Psalm 12 and Zechariah 3 to prepare me for a tough few months. This last season has been very tough for all who entered a greater depth of covenant with God through a new depth of consciousness of our sonship, via what Al Houghton transmitted to us.For some time I have sensed a new kairos … Continue reading Prophetic Word for the next Kairos

Receive your reward Reinhard Bonnke

Today is a sad day here on Earth as Reinhard Bonnke departs for celestial destinations. His ministry in particular impacted me. The greatest achievements beyond the obvious evangelistic crusades and miracles in Africa were the Fire Conferences held in Harare, Lisbon and Birmingham in the UK. These gathered prophetic voices and evangelists across the globe. His passion for souls is unparalleled and the harvest was massive. May God bring him face to face with those who have also received the eternal inheritance through his preaching. May his mantle fall on a generation. Rest in peace! Continue reading Receive your reward Reinhard Bonnke