When God must honour prayers sown

I was talking to a friend concerning what God started to do in Brixham in times gone by. It seems that I spend my time journeying from retreat centre, teaching the Word. It is only when I go down to the Harbour or Breakwater that I get the notion: “I must come here more often.”

Brixham is a small port in Devon. I first set foot in the port in 1988, and it has impacted me ever since. I spent my first two years here in 1990, to assume what I thought was local Church ministry only to find that my perspective started to change. I left sick and broken in 1992, due to the fact that I had not reconciled yet what I was being led into.

It was in a broken and worn state that I landed back in Brixham in October 2010. I had literally come to the end of the road, where many factors had started to break down in Portugal, where I had been for 15 years. When I came on a chance visit I went around the harbour and God whispered, “you are coming back here.”

9 years have gone by since then, I sense that I have yet to do anything what God showed me when I came here. What God showed me was very specific. In 2011 I was shown a network of prayer in cottages in the town.

The town which is famous for its fishing would be “catching men”. How remarkable that Jesus called fishermen as part of His apostles, how much Jesus could call fishermen again.

My first experiences of the town was what I sensed spiritually, that is a “open heaven”. This was due to intense prayer that was going up on behalf of the town. I got to learn that in the early 70s two women prayed that God would plant people of prayer, and that a Church would be planted to reflect that call. An evangelist did come in the person of the late Stan Hyde. He planted the Brixham Assemblies of God. Many came from many places. Foreign countries to assist in a crucial time. A vision had been caught to reach the town for Christ, and when Stan’s son took over, even more intense became.

It seems that some of those who were intensely involved in those intercessions have been dispersed in many places, and whilst Churches in Torbay continue to work in the region there is a need for a spiritual revival in the town.

What came to me was the strategy, recently, to claim before the Throne that God attend to the efficacy of those two original ladies who prayed for a move of God in the town. The strategy for every movement on the heart of men never comes apart from prayer.

I believe God desires to draw hearts in the town to a simple commitment to deep prayer that the town and what it symbolizes in its fishing be known as a “fishing for souls” far and wide. May this community which sees its young leave the area on new challenges in work, university and other lives, that God knit together a community for God. That the various denominations in the town in one objective, that what people look for outside, they will see grow inside.

There is only one main road into the town, and out, and for some part can make you feel a little shut in. It can be symbolic of what has been stolen. What has been taken away in terms of hope, community spirit, work and prosperity, drugs and drink and the crime. The solution is not political, it starts with a spiritual revival. And how that happens is that people pray until there is a divine response.

The Hebrides Revival was 5 months intensive prayer in a stone barn in Barvas and a cottage, where two old infirm women lived. They caught God’s dream for the island. How about getting God’s dream for Brixham?

The challenge is to start by asking God to honour the prayers of former generations who pushed through to seeing God manifest in the community.

Let us catch the vision for prayer houses in our communities. That devote to pray down a spirit of prayer to the order of Luke 2. Instead of us waiting for the “Consolation of Israel” there is a “Consolation for our Community”.


2 thoughts on “When God must honour prayers sown

  1. I was very impacted by this message specially by the history behind this concept that God need to honour the prayers sown by true and anointed intercessors. In this message we can see the result of these honoured prayers sown. First was the Hebrides Revival after 5 months of prayer led by two old infirm women who lived in stone barn of Barvas and a cottage. The second fruit of honoured prayers sown, was the two ladies that started praying intensively for the fishermen and for God to send people of prayer to plant a Church in Brixham. The result was the coming of the Evangelist Stan Hyde, who planted the Brixham Assemblies of God, a very powerful church in those days.
    But what really touched powerfully my spirit were this sentence ” I left sick and broken in 1992, due to the fact that I had not reconciled to what I was being led to.” In my opinion your return to Brixham was your attempt to reconcile with what you thought you was led into. Therefore God used these 9 years as a time of reconciliation, intense intercession, but also a time of preparation in His Word for a wild world ministry, which foundation also is: ” start a spiritual revival, through people/intercessors who pray until there is a divine response. The key factor is to start and keep asking God to honour the prayers of former generations who pushed through to seeing God to be manifest in a community and in the world.” Definitely these honour prayers are and will be seeds of World Revival. Amen!

    1. Paula the way I left Brixham in 1992 was to follow what God had mapped out then to come back was to be received in the place where I had completed a stage in the calling. Brixham is a place where we get lifted up when we admit we are in need of His Lifting not our own. It is also a place where if we do not submit to the processes of preparation for which it is not just ministry but our walk, we become crushed “under” the rock of non submission. Indeed the central core theme to this post is about unlocking those first prayers, not just for a Church but for the town. The town has been used powerfully and God needs to bring a revival which from a locality can impact a nation. This unlocking of those prayers of the generation that sows into the land causes a change. Genesis 26 is the basis for this principle, when Isaac opened the wells of his father in a time of famine. There are spiritual wells not only in the land but in our families. How many of our parents or grandparents were people of prayer? How about we ask God what those prayers were? What well did they carve out? Can we open them up again. Certainly the enemy came to contest and to bring strife and contention as we open those wells up. Eventually in our patience we eventually come to “Rehoboth” which is rest and space. Those wells are really covenants which God and man made together and they can be accessed by another generation. So glad it blessed you. May you access the wells of your covenant.

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