A trip to Scotland

This weekend I am teaching and meditating on “4 processes of Restoration”.

I am reminded of a trip I made with a great late friend of mine to Scotland. I had just come back from a traumatic move from another part of the country to Nottingham again. In that year I cannot begin to forget how deep the Lord spoke to us from Luke 2. Recognising Jesus in the form which we are prepared for.

We were convicted that rather than wait for the next spiritual trend to hit that a radical suspension of normal services for a season of prayer meetings would press them into a true spiritual revival.

When you consider that the web address of this site is; thespiritandthebridesaycome.com you see a hidden clue to what God is preparing for.

Some 10 years later than my visit to Scotland I was invited to a Church in Lancashire to minister. I was introduced to a family with a vision. I was tired from ministry and I had the most powerful vision of a ministry to be planted in the isles of Scotland. Indeed it has always interested me to read of the Hebrides Revival and I saw this ministry in the same vein.

God is about to visit Scotland again as He did in Barvas in 1948. It was a determined prayer effort. The original burden that led to a prayer effort for 5 months was the spiritual state of the people. The young people in particular.

After 5 months of praying in a stone barn in Barvas, the prayers turned to Psalm 24. God showed up. The island was full of glory.

Today we must cry out for digging out the old wells again. Even cancelling Church as usual and letting God speak and move us in prayer.

God is bringing a new Hebrides Revival. A direct visitation.

Will we hear the call in the isles?


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