In those days the Word of the Lord was rare…

Those words are written by Samuel. Chapter 3 starts off with those words to present the panorama and context to Samuel’s birth and presentation to the Tabernacle. The first thing we notice in chapter 2 is that an unnamed prophet speaks to the spiritual leadership first. This denotes a context to the heading of this message. When God stops speaking to a nation and through a leadership God sends powerful prophetic voices to the leadership. When leaders serve themselves their authority is curtailed and their function no longer ministers to the people. The priesthood of leaders is not mechanical nor … Continue reading In those days the Word of the Lord was rare…

Birthday post

Today I am away from home unfortunately not well at all. It started with great fatigue and became chronic back pain and knee joint pain. Couldn’t even get out of the shower. This last weekend I did ministry on “Carrying the New Things of God”. Pregnancy featured strongly. We examined the life of Samuel, John the Baptist, and the Messiah Himself, and Hannah, Elizabeth, and Mary. We are fast approaching Advent in the Church calendar. Pregnancy is physically changing the Body to carry the child. It is how God brought Samuel, John and Jesus to be conceived. For Hannah God … Continue reading Birthday post

When God must honour prayers sown

I was talking to a friend concerning what God started to do in Brixham in times gone by. It seems that I spend my time journeying from retreat centre, teaching the Word. It is only when I go down to the Harbour or Breakwater that I get the notion: “I must come here more often.” Brixham is a small port in Devon. I first set foot in the port in 1988, and it has impacted me ever since. I spent my first two years here in 1990, to assume what I thought was local Church ministry only to find that … Continue reading When God must honour prayers sown

Arise Shine for your Light has come!

Isaiah 60 marks a change in the prophetic words of Isaiah. Arise, ||shine; for thy light is come, And the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.  The word “Arise” marks the command to perceive the new season, the new kairos, and by faith receive this command as to understand that the change of season brings about a new state of being. The Lord is preparing a new season which will come in 2020, not necessarily corresponding to our New Year exactly. However God is already announcing to us the new season. The command is “arise”, from the low … Continue reading Arise Shine for your Light has come!

A trip to Scotland

This weekend I am teaching and meditating on “4 processes of Restoration”. I am reminded of a trip I made with a great late friend of mine to Scotland. I had just come back from a traumatic move from another part of the country to Nottingham again. In that year I cannot begin to forget how deep the Lord spoke to us from Luke 2. Recognising Jesus in the form which we are prepared for. We were convicted that rather than wait for the next spiritual trend to hit that a radical suspension of normal services for a season of … Continue reading A trip to Scotland