2020 Year of the Word and the Spirit

In the beginning of this year I sensed in God to publish a post here, concerning “In the Beginning was the Word”. I sense looking back, that this is a forerunner to what I am to publish here. When I started the New Year, the Lord spoke to me very clearly that His New Year would not start on the 1st January but a little later. I went to Mount St. Bernards, communicating on the High Calling and knowing that God was not only speaking to me but many. The Lord started to accelerate and deepen His communication with me then. There was like Paul a forgetting what is behind, and a stretching forward so that there would be a acquisition of the High Calling. I came to understand in looking behind the words, to the Greek that this High Calling would be a invitation that would come from heaven itself.

This has continued all this year of 2019 where the Lord has taken me through many processes, alone, for much of the way, until September when I had the privilege to be present at a Gathering in Colorado Springs.

What was so wonderful was to hear from ministries from Puerto Rico, Alaska, Texas, California and me, a common language, a common thread, confirming all what I had heard for the last 9 months.

For 2020 the Word must be the foundation, and the Spirit the functioning of the Word. The charismatic expressions must come together to the Word, as very often we have been facing heresies and error to substantiate the charismatic manifestations.

“Did not our hearts burn within us as He opened to us the Scriptures?”

However a thirst will come upon the Church worldwide, and denominations will come together to celebrate the Word. For there will be a new breed of theologian, one who is passionate for the Word.

However we view the Catholic Church, John Henry Newman was celebrated by both the Anglican and Catholic congregations as a innovative theologian of our age. The Catholic Church declared 2020 as the Year of the Word, with the admonition that the Word is fundamental to this age, when all other words are changing, ideologies are dictating the mode of life, the Word is to be celebrated. If the brothers who were object of schism and Reformation are uniting to see the Word as fundamental surely God is speaking here.

My new Publication in the works

So what is God is desiring is that we disconnect from the media that seems to steer us from the Word that brings us life. God is bringing us revelation that brings a manifestation so that from this we get a demonstration that the Word is fundamental for a move of the Holy Spirit.

Hebrews 3 and 4 tell us that the Israelites did not enter in because they had not mixed the Promise with faith, Paul says that faith comes by hearing, and what should we be hearing is the Word of God. Just as Solomon built the Temple, drawing from Zion the charisma of the Glory, the Ark, the formal priesthood from Shiloh, God will bring together discipline and dunamis together in 2020.

What is coming against the Church is determining the need for us to hear God that we need the foundation of the Word. As John 1:1 and Hebrews 1:1 tell us in unison that in the beginning was the Word, and that God has spoken more fully through Jesus, the Word, we must therefore see that if we are to have a new beginning in 2020, it must start with the Word.

There must be a new approach, to what some of the historic churches have exercised since the Bible has been available in various languages, is the discipline of daily study in that what we are to declare in 2020 must come out of this.

Hebrews 11:1 says

Faith is the substance/assurance

The Word “assurance” is the Greek word “hupostasis” which means the substance you stand on. The year of 2020 is the year of laying the foundation. If there is no foundation, when the storms come, our lives will fall.

When all falls around us, and there will be a falling away as things fall, and this falling away will be reducing lives to their base instincts…yet for those who have laid the hupostasis of the Word, so signs and wonders will return to the Church. The outpouring of the Spirit will come. IN Genesis 1, the Spirit broods, but does not manifest in creation UNTIL the Word is sent. In Acts 3:19-21 Peter says: “And He will send Jesus TO YOU…“. Year 2020 is a year that the Father will send Jesus to us (The Word) so that the Spirit can bring LIGHT.

He will come TO YOU

The Year 2020 is the year of VISITATION. He shall come first as the WORD then shall the Spirit DEMONSTRATE WHAT IS DECLARED.

Many so prepared will be as Mary and Elizabeth, for God will conceive the forerunners and Jesus in them.

What is conceive is prophesied as Word and conceived in the prepared by His Spirit

They spoke of the preparation, the Holy Spirit bringing them into fulness of knowledge…knowledge of His Plan. Psalm 25 says God shares His Secrets with those who seek for His Heart.

There is coming two generations of ministry, forerunners and Messianic ministry, preparing the way for His Coming. The Year 2020 is a significant year for a radical return to the Word, prayer, the Spirit.

Get prepared.


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