Bring me hither an ephod

And David said to Abiathar the priest, Ahimelech’s son, I pray thee, bring me hither the ephod. And Abiathar brought thither the ephod to David.
1 Samuel 30:7 KJV

In a moment of great pressure and loss David takes a leadership attitude.

When you consider that David had had many victories up to now, starting with transforming men who were losers in to warriors now a force to be reckoned with had returned from a battle to find that the enemy had come behind them and attacked and carried off their wives and children.

How many times we come back from the assignments God led us into to find that the enemy had been at work. We preached and prayed into new places in God to find the enemy had burned our homes with the fires of sickness and poverty.

The men wept until there was no strength. Then they began to blame David for their losses.

David took a crucial attitude. He took on his priestly role and asked for the Ephod.

The Ephod had 12 stones which also represent the 12 foundations of the New Jerusalem. It speaks to our continuity. For there to be continuity and perpetuity there needs to be victory against robbery and against defeat when we are in covenant.

If there is something I note in the Word is the threads which connect and consistently keep us in the present, provide and protect our future.

So in this passage David takes on the Ephod which transports his focus from just the present to the Kingdom and Eternal Purposes of God. God shows him that he is king in preparation. As part of preparation there has to be restoration and spoil as a expression of continuity.

As David presses in he sees his victory.

For us God is preparing us to take on our “Ephod” as future citizens of the New Jerusalem. If we have suffered a momentary invasion of the enemy in our families so God will cause us through our “Ephod” to press into that principle of continuity and perpetuity which guarantees our counter victory.

Do not complain in these moments because not only we will have restoration but also there will be spoil.


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