Sift and Shift

At the pivotal moment Jesus alerted Peter that “Satan had asked” to sift Peter…that in the sifting, permission had been given…Jesus guaranteed that He would pray... that his faith would not fail!

Satan it seems has asked for Britain, the UK to be sifted. The reason is the same as the one given for Peter…that like Peter the UK would fail. Brexit is the sifting. It is the process where failure and where agony to the heart…heart break will come because we have trusted in our own structures to sustain a premise: we can leave the EU.

In my recent trip to the USA, I was asked about Brexit by my friends at our Conference. We prayed about it. We even were led into deep intercession, the question from all Americans I met, how could the UK, the birthplace of democracy could find leaving the EU be so difficult? It is because it is not only a political process it is a spiritual one.

Here at home we studied Daniel and the Captivity, the processes and the ways of God in it, how Daniel was pivotal, we saw parrallels of what is happening today, in that nations are being positioned.

Satan has brought a charge against the UK, that in its departure from God it should be consigned to judgment and removal. God looked and saw in the heart of the UK a praying people, not just this generation but generations past, who sowed redemption and revival into the nation. The education system birthed through a revival that birthed in the heart of Lord Shaftesbury the notion that education through schools be universal and accessible.

Satan has brought a charge against the Church in the land, saying that its silence in a time of crisis, where uncertainty is the gospel of those who want to fill the land with iniquity. Satan has said the Church is silent because it is delighting in its own gratification of experientialism. Yet…Jesus has prayed.

He prays because He knows the end from the beginning, and He knows that His Purpose for the UK is established. It is time to hear the Lord, it is time to prove Satan wrong.

With Peter, he denied Christ, 3 times having been confronted with his weakness….he affirmed he would not fail, is found in the hour of trial weak and failing. Jesus in John 21 not only confronts him with a view to restore him, but shows him his calling as a Shepherd to ministers and the whole Church. He is the same Peter who stands on the Day of Pentecost to reveal Jesus, 3000 souls added to the new Church.

God declares this to the UK, how much you have denied Me, so I will show you my restoring love, show you your end time role in the earth to resist and retain the Antichrist, to be a defender of spiritual and physical Israel. I am going to bring a restoration, a Baptism, and a Message within the nations….lifting you high. Brexit will be a process of rising from the ashes of political wreckage and political opportunity.

The season that Jesus is coming to the UK to show its love for Jesus, and the measure of love, or lack of it, shall bring a corporate conviction…the Church shall receive a new Baptism and so the Church like Peter shall stand up again to reveal Christ, and so a new polarisation of nations shall occur, between sheep and goats…

This is a threshold moment, for which the UK and the US shall come into their end time covenantal calling.


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