When the Glory is in the Outer Court: Ezekiel 10

Several weeks ago I received Word that the Glory had moved from the Most Holy Place, and I went immediately to Ezekiel 10.

The context of Ezekiel 10 is the phased displacement of the Glory, which in the Hebrew is “kabowd” which means the weight of God’s presence. In 2 Chronicles we find that when the fire had fallen in the Temple, so the “weight” also filled the house. Are you seeing here a pattern? For us to know the falling fire, we shall also know the filling glory. For the fullness of Glory we must have the falling fire. We sing readily “fill this place with your glory” without really understanding what we are singing. The filling of Glory must first have falling fire. The context of the displacing glory we are speaking about the progression toward the Captivity.

The displacement of Glory made the Temple vulnerable to attack and destruction. All that the priests knew would be taken away. As I began to pray about what I had heard, I asked the Lord for wisdom what this speaks to, the answer came back, “It is a leadership issue that causes the Glory to move away.” In Joel 2 the Bible exhorts the leaders to call a solemn assembly, so from leadership attitudes and postures bring either blessing or cursing. In Ezekiel 11 the attitude of leadership is laid bare. There was contempt for both God and His People. This attitude causes the reaction from God.

When the Glory is in the Outer Court we must discern what this means. In 2 Samuel 6, David decides to bring up the Ark, his attempt being stopped for not following God’s directives for transporting the Ark of the Covenant , Uzzah being killed in the carelessness. What we read is that the Ark turns aside to the house of Obed-Edom, and we read of their esteem of the Glory and Presence of God.

This meant that Obed-Edom and his sons were selected by God to care for the Ark for life. This harks back to the example of Joshua, who stood near the Presence of the Lord.

We can specify the fire that falls when the Glory needs to fill the “house” specified in Isaiah 11 and Revelation 5 being the fire of the fear of the Lord. Exodus 19 tells us that it is this fear of the Lord that brings us close to His Presence, and prevents us from falling short of sin.

So to bring this to our own generation, how do we apply the fact that the Lord is saying that His Glory is in the Outer Court? In my last series I taught on recently, concerning Micah 4, the Lord began to show me that the Outer Court represents those up to now have no shown no kind of significant ministry. Suddenly in this season they will begin to manifest such anointing and power in a new way, bringing correction to the Body at large. A new spirit of Elijah is coming to expose the idolatry in high places.

If leadership is not stubborn in this season, the Glory will not move to the Threshold. The reason is I believe that Jesus is at the Threshold of our world. He is coming. Even many in Israel, are expecting the appearence of the Messiah. It is time for leadership to stop using believers as a possession for their own dreams, and stop using contempt at the financial giving of faithful believers.

It is time for leaders to read the signs, discern the times, and flow with the seasons. If they do that so the Glory will come to rest in the House of Prayer again. It is not business as usual, it is not the ordinary Sunday service. If we are serious, we will have an urgency to know it is time to activate the corporate priesthood afresh, to prepare the way of the Lord.

More and more the Word is coming, the urgency is being birthed in many people. Let us catch what God is saying. In both the birthing of Hannah and Mary we see an inversion at leadership level. Compare 1 Samuel 1 and Luke 2, and see how God deposes some and sets up others. This leadership inversion has come.


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