The Blessing of Melchizedek

Genesis 14

The blessing of Melchizedek comes in the context of war. Symbolised a covenant in which blessing is conferred.

This covenant meal between Melchizedek resulted in blessing, tithing, exchange and in chapter 15 we see God bring Abraham into the centre of God’s eternal plan.

There is a personal application for which God enlightened to me.

For many years I have been through intense warfare, moving from Portugal to the UK. Then our daughter quite sick for about 5 years which culminated in dialysis in various centres.

It meant that ministry which I was called and for which I had exercised in Portugal had to be put on hold whilst our lives revolved around our daughter’s health issues. God provided a wonderful season then of not striving for ministerial opportunities .

About 2 and a half years ago God began to prepare me for taking up my call again. It has been a slow and detailed walk. What I learned in the last 2 and half years was greater than the 20 years previous.

It culminated with a further acceleration this last January where God said that this year would see a great transition.

This occurred in Colorado Springs as this ministry covenanted with Al Houghton of Word at Work Ministries at California, USA. A covenanted is a 3 chord rope where God is witness between 2 people for a common purpose in Him.

What is apportioned in God in the covenant meal between two people before God is both a blessing and a covenant.

I sense that this connection relationally will bring blessing and a greater dimension of covenant. This covenant objective is not financially motivated as God is purifying His Church from mammon. It has one objective. To pray and teach and walk out the new move of the Word and the Spirit in the Church.

Pray for this new venture and new horizon.

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