Ministry or Mammon

“YOU cannot serve God and Mammon” This statement from Jesus hits at the heart of the issue which can oppress the ministry. Defining mammon is meaning the pursuit of money over vocational and spiritual objectives making ministry a occupation rather than service. The world system can press us into making ends meet. Hebrews 11 talks about the marturia that God gives to us for our ministry. The marturia is the “witness” God gives to us. This witness is our call and the sustaining power of God for that Call. What comes from that power must come the provision, because pro-vision … Continue reading Ministry or Mammon

28th September 1987

This is a special day for me. A day when I celebrate a trajectory which to logic makes no sense. In 1987 I went to the Assemblies of God national conference. It was held in Minehead and there I just thought that I would just enjoy the ministry from the National Youth Council as I thought. Yet on the Tuesday in a altar call the Lord was separating me out for a lifetime vocation. As I was in my seat the Lord was commanding me to go forward. I knew what I was going to do, enrolling in ACE teams. … Continue reading 28th September 1987

The weapons of our warfare

(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) 2 Corinthians 10:4 KJV This post is coming to those who know they are in transition . The transition is the new stage of ministry God is taking this generation into in a new dimension of manifesting the Messianic lineage in their ministry. I speak this way and will in a future post share about the Messianic lineage in the context of Scripture and how we connect. When there is transition there is opposition If we are moving in God … Continue reading The weapons of our warfare

When the Prophet cries from the wilderness

Isaiah 40, Mark 1, Matthew 3, Luke 3 We speak about John the Baptist, we speak of the wilderness. What we sometimes forget that John broke convention as he was the son of a priest would have his destiny mapped out naturally. Yet God took him away to the desert because the cry that God brings to birth puts in motion a new process, a new season. There is a time which we can speak many times about the effect of the wilderness on prophetic ministry. It is a place where God speaks a different message with a different sound. … Continue reading When the Prophet cries from the wilderness

Cornwall, old wells shall be opened

Genesis 26 The Lord showed me a panoramic view of Cornwall. I saw wells across the county with prayers from other generations. In Genesis 26 we see Isaac open his father’s wells. Wells can be interpreted as being prayers, intercession and prophecy. Sowed into the land. Once Isaac opened the wells so the wells flowed as before. So the Lord declares that Cornwall will see a new flow of intercession and deep worship. The wells are opened as knowledge of former moves of God are known, what God said and how God moved. So the wells shall open in a … Continue reading Cornwall, old wells shall be opened

The Blessing of Melchizedek

Genesis 14 The blessing of Melchizedek comes in the context of war. Symbolised a covenant in which blessing is conferred. This covenant meal between Melchizedek resulted in blessing, tithing, exchange and in chapter 15 we see God bring Abraham into the centre of God’s eternal plan. There is a personal application for which God enlightened to me. For many years I have been through intense warfare, moving from Portugal to the UK. Then our daughter quite sick for about 5 years which culminated in dialysis in various centres. It meant that ministry which I was called and for which I … Continue reading The Blessing of Melchizedek

End time strategy for UK

The Lord is about to birth a direction from this Brexit confusion. In my trip to USA and my partnership with Al Houghton from Word at Work Ministries CA in California, we are launching teaching dates for seeing the Purpose of God in the end times and how the Churches can align themselves for this end time purpose. If you are interested write to me; . Continue reading End time strategy for UK

Revival for the UK

“And He will send Jesus TO you who was preached…” Acts 3:19 There is at the moment a season of shaking. There is a season of challenging the false foundations of humanism and individualism. When God wants and desires to bring a corporate move, He needs to break the individual pursuit of destiny. We had a wonderful season of the discovery of personal prophecy, where prophecy has come to substitute the daily discipline of in depth Bible study. The breaking of the “individual cult” is key to a new move in God in the Church in the UK. The individualistic … Continue reading Revival for the UK

A view of British turmoil and the silence of the Church

I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the Lord , keep not silence, Isaiah 62:6 KJV All have looked on the scenes at Westminster with disbelief. I on the other side of the pond in the USA have heard Americans shake their heads in disbelief. The courts are being used to dictate politics and it seems that there are unseen forces that are bringing this chaos to convince everyone that remaining in the EU is the only option. I read the response of the … Continue reading A view of British turmoil and the silence of the Church