An aside; itinerant teaching ministry

The Lord has blessed me with a teaching ministry which according to Scripture is fundamental to teaching the Church how to discern the Lord’s Body and to discern His Eternal Plan.

I have had several invites recently for which the honour is all mine in that regard.

I have been called to travel the nations, but as yet I have spent a limited time in two nations in particular. One was Portugal, the other is where I reside as the UK. So how I will walk out the nations part of God’s promise to me is immaterial to the sense of serving God first then to serve His People.

For me many have accessed teaching from this site and have made enquiry regarding teaching in the local Church or in Retreats.

All that is stipulated is that, there be a clear objective for inviting me to your Church or Retreat. Many of the Retreats I have done have reflected from the Word the seasons of God that Jesus is taking us through. The teaching is prophetic in nature and God always desires to demonstrate His power to bear witness to His Word.

Regarding the financial outlay there is expected the payment of expenses and then the rest is down to the faith and generosity of the local group.

I was once conversing with a minister who asked me what motivates me more. He hinted I was driven to minister, albeit I spent 5 years out of the ministry caring for family issues. I responded by saying that what is the greatest joy that in the mundane routine of life, in the place I live, God and I take a coffee together.

And in that setting He opens His Word to me.

And in that place of being with God over a coffee I can have opened my eyes to hidden truths that will revolutionise my Word view, my Life View.

The Lord like in Luke 24 can make our hearts burn and our eyes open. And Luke 24 has been a theme that God brings me back to many times.

It is with this motivation of giving you this opportunity to give me time to share those audiences that I write this post today.

Consider what I have written. If you are interested please email me on

Even if you desire to dialogue regarding the Archives on this site you are welcome.

Whilst teaching the Word is subject to our progressive understanding God has a manifold way to weave it into our lives.

Look forward to sharing!


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