Prophecy for the UK

Ezekiel 11:11

This city shall not be your caldron, neither shall ye be the flesh in the midst thereof; but I will judge you in the border of Israel:

There is a war taking place. Brexit is not any longer a political question nor a process but a spiritual war. The spiritual war does not divide the public in a secular context but also the Church is heavily divided.

The war is in the mind. The minds of the people have been polluted and manipulated by the “political spirit” which has bred lies and blasphemous statements abroad. The Church has become political and the political has entered the Church. There is no more vision.

It seems that the Glory has gone over the Threshold of His Habitation. He has left the centre of His Temple. The heart of His People. Ref. Ezekiel 10. What we see is that the scheming of the princes of chapter 11 is preceded by the departure of God’s Glory. For the second time in the Old Testament do we see the Glory depart. The departure is for a season.

They have exchanged My Glory for a sensation. They have exchanged My Wisdom for foolishness. They have exchanged the Priesthood for being Princes.

The departure of God’s glory from the inner place means what is left is a vacuum ready to be filled with other idolatrous practices. The Church has been empty in this season, so other things shall fill it. The lie that the Church must engage in the political process shall be an idol in the holy place.

For the corruption shall enter the high places and shall bring forth human worldly wisdom leading the country astray.

The people, the Church, are being pushed to greater division, boiled in the cauldron of controversy. The Church shall be lukewarm and shall almost die for being cooked in the fires of compromise.

For in these days the Lord shall visit the elites who have designed the moulding of mentalities to believe the destiny of a nation lies in the political process when the Kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of God and Jesus His King.

The Lord will reserve a remnant who shall like Ezekiel enter into the “captivity” of the nation and shall accompany the difficult seasons where heavens shall be open and where the “wheels”of process shall be understood (refer Ezekiel 1) .

For the nation shall become a place where a remnant shall come out purified and where God’s Levites shall be separated for their works in the “Captivity”. Refer Ezekiel 44.

The mood of the Church shall be as the dry bones . Refer Ezekiel 37. They will feel their hope has been cut off! Yet as the prophetic remnant shall speak over the whole nation calling out for the following;

  1. Bone with Bone; Unity
  2. Nerve communication afresh with the Head of the Church; Christ
  3. Skin; organised and concerted intercession
  4. Breath to Breathe; Holy Spirit revival.

Once the army rises up from this dead place, this valley, so the Glory shall return to the Temple. Refer Ezekiel 43.

There is a process God is bringing the United Kingdom which is not going to be without pain! However, it is a necessary process for the Church first, then the nation. The nation shall not be guided by politicians only but the authority of the Church shall be restored. The Captivity shall be over.

The Lord has a specific warning to believers to not be deceived as this process transcends the legislative process as God Himself is bringing the nation through the refining fires.

A nation once known for revival fires shall be known for its righteousness.

This prophetic word can only be walked out in intercessorry prayer as politicians who have great intentions will see their efforts come to nought. They shall turn to the Church as the Church turns to her God.

I see politicians throw up their hands in despair. Yet there will be a generation of Daniel’s who shall interpret the signs and bring heavenly wisdom into the courts of kings.

The end shall be glorious but this process is to bring the nation back to Himself as it has been covenanted in times past!

This prophetic Word is to open your eyes that you are being groomed not to discern the real war in the heavenlies.


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