The other side of Dishonour

O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? how long will ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah.
Psalms 4:2 KJV

Today the Lord wants to treat with us the concept of HONOUR.

If there is anything manifest in Church ministry is DISHONOUR.

How does it manifest? It manifests in division, we don’t mix with some brothers because of their affiliation. Division creates tribalism. This tribalism governs who is invited or not to preach. Friends who know what your ministry is, but exclude you. They flow in the same flow but invite others. This is because we need to fit in with the flavour of the denomination.

It is also manifest in rejection. They reject your call because your face don’t fit. They reject how you speak, how you live.

Dishonour comes because they who dishonour others have no honour with God. He does not bear witness to them but against them.

Our value system is wrong. Our first honour must be to Him who is worthy. Once we give Him true honor and recognition we see Him in others.

In Psalm 4 we see two things happen, the dishonour of His Glory, and the deceit of loving that which is sensual and pleasing to the senses, and that which we can dominate and buy.

It seems a bitter taste this message but dishonour comes in many forms and I want to share personally that I have experienced the same dishonour in very painful circumstances which sometimes cost me relationships. However in the rejections and abuses we learn to tap into God and His affirmation of Christ in us, causing us to transition into His covenant.

Once we decide to see that dishonour is a doorway to the highest honour. We see so many examples in the Word, where those who passed the ultimate in dishonour came into great honour.

Philipians 2 tells us the route that Jesus went to receive the highest honor.

We need to reflect our dishonour however painful into a fellowship tabernacle in Him. HE WILL THEN SHOW US HEAVENLY HONOUR. He will then manifest this honour through our lives.

Dishonour leads to honour if we turn it into a meeting place with Jesus.


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