Pentecost; Begotten to Beget

Pentecost is the biggest feast in the context of the founding of the Church. The Lord Jesus completing His mission said to the disciples in John 14 that it was preferable that He go away so that the Comforter could come in His Place. Making what was Christ’s be made known to us.

More than anything and any time we need a new Pentecost. For us to receive a fresh Pentecost we need to understand the first one. And the need for it to come generationally.

There are two things to note in Acts 2:1.

These two elements are vital for the reception of He who was sent.

And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.
Acts 2:1 KJV

There are two elements we need to note, the timing, the obedience of their location, the spirit between the 120. They were all in the place where Jesus was telling them to be. And they must wait for the timing, which is crucial in what God was about to do. The day of visitation was on the day of Firstfruits precisely as the first harvest was to come in.

I believe we need a fresh Pentecost because as the harvest was within the Jewish people today could it not be feasible that the new end time harvest is the whole body of people who profess to be called Church?

As in the day of Jesus, the faith of His Day was wrought with zealot tendencies, hypocrisy, division, and everything that God did not ordain for His People.

Whilst we see the harvest being that of the unbeliever I would add that if the Church would come via the Holy Spirit into unity then so would the harvest follow shortly behind!

They were of one accord, they were together in the One. That is they were together in Jesus to wait in obedience for what He was to send TO them.

However for us to understand Pentecost and WHO was sent to us, as a Church we must understand how and inside the purposes of God the Father.

We see Jesus in John 1:14 as the Only Begotten of the Father. I began to meditate of what that meant. I began to see that God the Father produced the Son as the Father is the producer of sons in the wider sense. I wondered how another “God” could come from the All in all. It must be the intense love that God is that brings Him to create and birth something and beget. The Trinity is a union of 3 people in One dimension, and as Jesus is begotten the Holy Spirit in turn is begotten into Creation and the full redemption of man.

Pentecost is about Jesus sending the Spirit to bring an extension of Himself within a collective Body, characterised in Spirit in the same way as Jesus Himself. As a relational vehicle of redeeming Creation itself.

There is an intense interaction as on this day is a SOUND FROM HEAVEN is heard. How we need today above the confusing words spoken abroad, above the activity of day to day that THE SOUND OF HEAVEN BE HEARD!

It was heard as WIND. And that WIND became FIRE. So we pray today that we hear the SOUND from heaven. That sound comes from heaven and all must recognise that where it comes from, must hold some heavenly significance.

For so long in our history we need to recognise what we hear and where it comes from. The day has come that all will hear the sound from heaven and expect that what it is, and where it came from has a collective implication.

And the FIRE that alighted on them individually, dividing between all that were there was to indicate a individual ministry in a collective context. That fire as it interacted with their spirit brought about the manifestation of miraculous languages so that each one of the pilgrims heard the message in his own language of the new thing God was doing. He was bringing a new temple. Heavenly and Christlike. The languages were to catch the attention of all, the Spirit directing His work amongst the people groups represented in the feast.

God was inviting them IN CHRIST to be immersed in the Spirit in a new plan and purpose. This would involve in the reviving of spiritual life to live a life of faith with signs following flowing forth from a people begotten by the work of Jesus Christ to be sons and brethren to God.

The preach of Peter centres on the Person of Jesus, and Him Glorified. And today more than ever Pentecost must centre on Jesus Glorified because in Glorification applied into our thinking so the Spirit can be sent us afresh.

I have referred to in many many Retreats I lead and partake in have been in the scripture of Acts 3:19-21 where Jesus is sent to us. The purpose of the Spirit sent to the Church is so that the image of Jesus can be seen by all. This reveals as to why Jesus is retained in heaven. He is in heaven so that there is a restoration of all things.

In this plan we can invoke this refreshing from the Presence of the Lord because it falls directly and precisely within the Lord’s plan for the Church.

When we consider Revelation chapter 1, we find John in the Spirit precisely in God’s appointed day. For what purpose?

The first was to reveal Jesus as He is now! HE IS LORD OF ALL THE EARTH. He is Glorified, He is powerful, He is authority itself, He broke the power of evil. Iohn saw Jesus, and every aspect of Him speaks of His Character, His Eternal Person, His Power and Eternal Destiny. As He is revealed to John so He is revealed to the Church.

In our generation to break the concepts men have built up, the projects man builds in the Name of God, the doctrines misapplied and maligned , the confusions and divisions we need a new fresh Pentecost. Not that it comes to divert our attention away from Christ. Not that it diverts our attention to power and gifts but to the person of Jesus.

Once this happens so the Spirit will come with a new sound and through the wind of life will come the fire of character and passion needed to manifest Christ.

May we call out for that in this day.

For Pentecost was first fruits and the former rain, but for the latter rain which must come for the harvest. The latter rain is NOT the harvest. It is the rain that comes to the Church when the last harvest must come in. This is why God has a precise TIMING for this to come because it is connected to the full manifestation of Jesus. The rain must come and then the HARVEST IS READY!

The harvest comes in fully for Jesus to return TO His Church then FOR His Church. Then He will come WITH His Church, in glory to judge this age and bring in eternity.

So a Pentecost is a shift into that process toward the fullness of God for the fullness of Kingdom to come!

Happy Pentecost!

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