Prophetic Word for Brazil; do not cry too soon

And said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations. But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said, Give us a king to judge us. And Samuel prayed unto the Lord .
1 Samuel 8:5‭-‬6 KJV

Yesterday on the final day of ministry in Hereford I were taking a coffee and reading up on the news around the world. What came to me were the words ” they cried too soon and I had to give them Saul ”

In 1 Samuel 8 we read that the people cried out.

They cried out as they were tired of two successive generations of corrupt sons. When you consider that Eli had two corrupt sons and now Samuel, a cry came into the people. They were tired of judges and whilst the prophet Samuel was a man who feared the Lord his sons were corrupt.

And what happened? God gave people what they wanted, but it was not the best. The best would have meant waiting another 40 years. For David.

In the last Brazilian elections we heard the outcry of the people, just like the people of Israel suffering two generations of corruption, it seems that Brazil also suffered 2 generations of presidents who turned out to be corrupt and oppressive to the people.

The Church joined in the political race and the pulpit became politicised. The people of Brazil cried out beneath great oppression but the Church did not go out to relieve the burden rather put their hopes in an election and in a change. Whilst the change occurred the election may have brought in another kind of corruption, spiritual.

Saul was tested in his reign and his disobedience to the orders of God brought him into a place of rejection. And the nation into a place of oppression and defeat before enemies.

When Brazil was in the throes of demonstrations, violence, even a candidate who was stabbed I said then in a prophetic word that the troubles were not over. They will start again!

A great disillusionment and wave of violence is bound to take over again. The deception belongs in the sphere of the Brazilian Church. They have bought the lie that politicians will bring blessing to the nations. In the case of Uzziah, who became lifted up in pride wanted to go into an arena that belonged to spiritual ministry.

The corruption in Brazil will be two fold; the Church will enter the political sphere, and the politicians will enter the Church sphere.

This will bring wholesale corruption in a grand scale and judgment.

I have been alerted by the Lord to bring this message because it is a call to intercessors to lift up this call to repentance that the Church has bought into the lie that pastors and ministers can affect the nations through involvement in a corrupt political system.

2 Chronicles 7 details God’s response to the dedication of the Temple. If people are faithful to the covenant they will be blessed, God will hear from heaven and heal their land. However if they do not obey in prayer and spiritual service they will become an object of judgment and discredit among the nations.

It is urgent that the congregations in Brazil pray and seek God’s face and see Him turn toward the nation with favour.

Crying TOO SOON produces the Ishmael. Produces a Saul. Wait because God is able to raise leaders who are after His own heart.


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