Rewrite the narrative

That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life;
1 John 1:1 KJV

There is a motto that characterises a generation, ours is tell a lie often enough and it will turn believable.

This undergirds a subtle exercise that is slowly occurring throughout society and even the Church.

The holocaust, a reality of the 2nd world war is becoming a contentious history that nations want to undermine this reality because this experience that the Jews went through forms the foundation for the refounding of Israel as a nation. Undermine the foundations and you get the whole building fall down.

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?
Psalms 11:3 KJV

Foundations of history and faith are fundamental to sustain the reality and space for God to execute His Eternal Plan. The devil is wanting to undermine those foundations by presenting a lie as truth.

However above John the Apostle says that 4 ways they know they touched the Risen Lord. They had heard, seen, touched and handled.

These are 4 dimensions that we need to come into to prevent ourselves flowing in the stream that flows so readily in our day. The stream of deception.

Today seminaries and colleges across the world are painting the Reformation as a necessary process to have gone through. The Protestant cause championing the return to faith. How many died in both sides of the argument? How much division still exists because we are constantly changing the narrative?

Then there are the conferences that daily we go to, teaching which dismounts key principles in the pursuit of becoming flexible enough to be on the cutting edge of God’s next big thing.

Today it is so easy to access prophets online and never access the personal 4 dimensions, heard, seen, touched and handled. They do not come as one time ministration via the imposition of hands on our heads.

For the disciples it came throughout 3 years of walking with Him but never really understanding Him fully.

Then the whole panoramas of betrayal and the punishment of Jesus, even to death on the Cross. Then the resurrection and 40 days appearances with them touching His wounds and hearing Him with renewed faith. When they had glimpsed Him in His glory on the Transfiguration Mount, they were now seeing the demonstration of the full mission He set out to do.

This 4 dimension is now applied to us, in that we have the opposite, Jesus now walks with us, we need to hear Him, see Him at work in our lives. We need to touch Him with our faith, and handle Him in our pursuit of Union with Him.

Then He writes His True narrative in us. He then transmits it through us. No more do we get deceived by the subtle changes in teaching and gradual erasing of essential truth.

Words like “protocol” and “dogma” have been torn apart for more “charismatic terminologies”. Yet when we are led back to their original meaning we realise their rich connotation.

A real example is the hijack of words. Many years ago we could describe a person being gay. It would mean to be joyful and bright. Today it has a total different dynamic.

There are other words we can think of that have disappeared from our preaching. Words like “sin” or “holiness”. I think I have touched on this before. However, the more we walk out the 21st century more the Church adopts the same strategy, change the narrative and change the reality.

The aim is that we have seared conscience and a inability to hear the Spirit.

It is time to adopt the 4 dimensions of accessing Christ, we need to hear Him, see Him, touch and handle Him, so that we can be so in Him that the narrative that is written in our hearts is His.


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