Ampleforth Abbey Retreat

Tomorrow I make quite a long journey to Ampleforth in North Yorkshire. I usually soak my journeys with the teaching of the Word.

The teaching is very rich from my friend Al Houghton. He is based in California and has a site where I get his audio mp3 teachings

This weekend until Monday we shall be discovering “Heaven’s perspective of earth”.

In my time in Downside recently I ascertained in Scripture that God has a perspective of Earth we do not have very often as we are conditioned through subjective experiences and circumstances.

I do not normally write about my travels and projects with Retreats, as this is part of a spiritual journey and also doing a Masters Degree in Spirituality, so this experience undergirds the course.

Not all of us have the privilege to “get away” and many of us are limited to responsibilities which are pertinent to our situation, but I would recommend this getting away experience as this enriches the spiritual life.

The first discipline is that of becoming still. Psalm 46:10 says Be still and know that I am God.

This is a very well known verse but it encapsulates the experiences in that when we learn stillness we begin to discriminate the multi faceted ways God speaks to us. I have been stretched in my hearing of Him. He speaks in so many ways in so many forms.

And know ” the Old Testament explains that “knowing” is the word yadah which has a sexual and intimate knowing connotation to it. For us to “know” God we must come into a place where we discover the love relationship with Him. The time of retreat I experience I am blessed by wonderful surroundings, the quiet church or chapel, the relaxing atmosphere, you physically wind down to be spiritually wound up.

I am God” so the end of our verse we realise in each moment of our retreat experience that He is! Ever present in time and ever present as our Companion.

So this weekend God is going to show us that He sees Earth the way we don’t. This receiving of His perspective will impact how we see creation, nature, and our part in the eternal plan.

We will centre on Isaiah and chapters 6-9 and see how the Holiness and Glory redirected this high priest from ritual service to prophetic vision.

Many have asked how they can support our work. We have a PayPal account and we use as the reference email.

Many of the audios are going to be available of the devotional messages which undergirds and guides our spiritual journey. This will be made available on request.


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