Walking with Jesus through the Cross part 2; weeping prophecy

And shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation.
Luke 19:44 KJV

The key is knowing the Kairos

Jesus’s entry to journey is marked by Him weeping over the city of Jerusalem. He is looking down 40 years to when Titus would come to destroy.

Jesus sees this as being the end of a process where the times of the Gentiles would be the forefront of the Great Commission. Paul talks about this mystery in his letter to the Romans.

What we see here is that Jerusalem would in the next days not recognise she was being visited. The “times ” cited here in the Greek text gives the word “kairos”. The Kairos of God is a season where God does a work in our midst. The “Kairos” is only recognised by those so prepared to recognise and be part of the eternal plan. So far as the religious leaders concerned we see them participate in the plan for Jesus ‘ crucifixion based on mutual expediency. What we see is political and religious powers colluding together.

Is it any different today? No.

Even in our Church situations we can be pressurised to collude with political power to remain silent.

The reason is, is that we have focused mainly on a message that pleases rather than convicts.

The weeping prophecy opens the warning that this expediency would be the undoing of religious leaders of His Day. Jesus’s visitation to Jerusalem is a planting of a eternal seed which we will see in the next message.

Jerusalem is the seed bearer of eternal destiny

There are many manifold dimensions at work in Jesus’ walk through the Cross that have implications for us today. We must be a prepared people to see it. Once we see it, perceive it, receive its warning, we will walk into a new dimension of knowledge of Christ and His Fulness.

Today Jesus is approaching our lives as He did approach Jerusalem. As He approaches He is speaking warning. The warning is the deception we are so vulnerable to, due to our pursuit of pleasure, comfort, and stability.

He gives us the same admonition as Hebrews 3 gives us; today if you hear the Voice of the Spirit, harden not your hearts.

The hardening of heart excludes us going through to our next stage in Him. The hardening of our heart brings us into disobedience.

I shall never forget a period where I was disobedient, was due to go to Wales, but due to my own insecurity I did not go. Finance was offered to go. Yet I refused. The day I was supposed to go, I got up, it seemed God had departed from my life.

I knew I had made a mistake. God made me know it. He made me sense His Displeasure. He eventually met me again. I determined to obey Him. Not out of duty, but His Presence is all I have.

Let us perceive the season of His Visitation!


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