Walking with Jesus through Calvary part 1

Who appeared in glory, and spake of his decease which he should accomplish at Jerusalem.
Luke 9:31 KJV
The turning point of Jesus’ earthly mission comes at the Transfiguration. Here the eternal realms are rolled back to reveal a taster of the Eternal Christ, Eternal Father.

When I meditate on this there are occasions where Jesus is revealed to us in Glory. He comes to us to reveal the turning points in our walk.

This series is obviously timed to coincide with Easter because beyond it relevant to this time of year it represents the walk we all need to work out in our lives. Jesus is the PROPHETIC PATTERN and pathway we need to walk out! The road to “ascend” is to “descend” and the progression to walk in glory is to walk in the ultimate sacrifice of obedience.

Hebrews has a surprising statement; Jesus learned obedience through that which He suffered.

This means that Jesus learned to walk out His suffering to the ultimate detail so that the way into a free eternity would be open.

“Accomplished ” here in the base verse is the Greek verb “pleroo” which is derived from “pleroma” which indicates “fulness “. When we see this at work, and we can only see it in inter linear Bibles, we know that when something comes to fulness we know there is a transition about to take place.

We know this transition which includes suffering and sacrifice will bring a manifestation which defies natural laws! Jesus won over death and gained His Eternal Body.

It is this mission that both Moses and Elijah were speaking with Jesus!

God will cause heaven to manifest to speak with us the eternal mission we are part, the restoration of all things!

What we must embrace that for us to open heavens for our generation we must endure suffering and pain. The first is the denial to our flesh to take the easy way. We must endure the fulness of sufferings as birth pangs to our eternal transition! We must defy the god of this age, of mammon and the comfort it brings , so that we will eat of the heavenly manna.

The Transfiguration represents the turning point. Easter represents ours in each generation. Let us embrace it!


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