God’s kind of division

(Genesis 1:4) God saw the light, and saw that it was good. God divided the light from the darkness. KJV

When you are well versed with the Word you get to discover that what God sets as principle are in stark contrast to what we understand in our own two dimensional language.

There is a word here in the UK that is being proclaimed over the nation. That word is; DIVISION. It has negative connotations. It has the sense of polarisation and sectarianism. From a human perspective division presents a open door for social unrest and ultimately the breakdown of cohesion in a nation.

Yet the Word talks about division as being a necessary part of creation right up to the end days of Revelation 22. There are distinctly two levels of division at work today. One being God’s working of dividing, the other the enemy and his idea of division.

As we see it distinctly we must choose to flow in the division that God works within creation and eternity.

We see the fruits of the malignant division at work from the beginning. In Ezekiel 28 we see Lucifer aspiring to ascend in which a considerable number of angels rebelled against God. The mystery of this is how God in His Perfection and His abode of perfection could allow or could have been the potential for this to happen. However we can see that throughout history and for eternity we will see the fruits of God allowing this, in the beautiful plan of salvation and the beautiful tapestry woven into life.

Satan managed to separate and divide mankind from God in Genesis 3, and right down history recorded in the Word we see two lines of genealogy at work, one being the Messianic, the other being of Ishmael and the flesh.

This line of the flesh, at enmity with God has turned faith in God into a man made structure that forments war and conflict.

One day I was reflecting on the impact of the Reformation. The fruit can only indicate the root. The fruit has been division into different groupings where their emphasis on “revelation” and today there are roughly 40 thousand different denominations. My heart felt the grief that God feels about this state of affairs. The root to the Reformation is one where human impatience preempted revolution and bloodshed that was already in the air at the time.

When we compare how Jesus walked, in the midst of undercurrents of revolution and resentment against the occupation we see Jesus with wisdom teach about a spiritual Kingdom which conquers the heart through love. When we see Him enter Jerusalem we see Him enter on a donkey, and it is details like that which confound the agents of division and revolution.

When we consider that God’s division operates in Creation to being order. It operates in the believer to bring holiness. So we must see that in the context of two Kingdoms at work we must be separated to be United to Him who will unify all things.

Jesus said in the Beatitudes ; blessed are the peace makers for they shall see God. What sort of peace making are we talking about? We are talking about establishing a peace and unity based on principles that unify and not divide. The Holy Spirit operates in unifying, His whole mission on the earth is to divide us from that which is malignant in this life and eternity, to unify us to the One who will bring us into true peace.

So God sees division as a doorway into unity as the malignant agents of polarisation are dealt with in our lives. Division must bring order. In the times of Moses we see the division of the Tribes, in the Church we see the Spirit divide gifts and ministries as He wills.

As we see division as being distinguishing and not extinguishing we will grasp the principle from God’s perspective.

Recently in a retreat I did a series called “The Restoration of all things ” based on Acts 3:19-21, with an insight into the programme of Jesus whilst He is retained in Heaven. We saw how we can flow in that programme, discerning the flow of restoration He desires to bring into our lives, praying it in, discerning these Agents of Restoration that need to operate in the Church and our communities.

The end time programme must divide eternal destiny for those who lived for themselves and for those who lived for God. This will determine how we will spend eternity, administrating the heavenly Kingdom, and where we will spend it.

As we grasp deeper principles of the Word, we will not take words like division on face value, put a human interpretation on it and see it all as a malignant reality of our time. The type of division God works brings order, the enemy brings a corruption of this to bring chaos, hatred and war. We must be connected to God to see what division is at work.


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