Jesus: A Pattern, a Prophecy, a Percursor


Our focus is on Jesus, Yeshua Himself in this new series. We have gone through a series concerning the Remnant, those guarding the truth, in the minority, in very turbelent times. However for us to understand the processes that preserve the remnant we need to examine the truth, the revelation that marks the remnant.

For this reason we must look at the Messiah Himself, asking Him to reveal Himself in this series, so that we may be walking in His Pattern, that His Prophetic walk be evident in our lives, and our footsteps walk in the path of our Percursor.

In the first 2 centuries of history of the Church, the “ideas” and revelations about the Person needed to be solidified in terms of the Church embracing He, who is the Cornerstone, and receive from the Head, the revelation of not only His Likeness, but also His Character, His attributes, and the Supervision of all moves of the Spirit that He brings to the Church. 

As we enter 2019 we have a necessity more than ever to embrace the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the Testimony (marturia) of Jesus, which is the Spirit of Prophecy. (Revelation 19). It is evident that the Holy Spirit is desiring a greater openess to reveal Christ, because that is His role to us, to mould us into His Image.


How can we be moulded into His Image if we have but a superficial knowledge of Him. I am not talking about what we know, but WHO we know. This knowledge must start out as being relational. This role of the Spirit in our lives leads us into truth concerning the Son of God, and brings us into the fullness of the knowledge of Him. (Ephesians 4:11-15). Our maturity is based on this, knowing Him, and receiving Him, and growing into Him in all stature and measure. Fullness in Him is not simply feeling the odd goosebump, or being stirred by worship, at times we can be stirred, rather we are conscious in daily life that Jesus becomes more and more involved on many levels.

This series is to deepen our encounter with Him, so that we may understand the ways the Spirit is moulding us into His Image. That way we will understand how He is positioning us, in His Post Ascension ministry in us and through us.

Very often our understanding is bound up in tradition. We are bound only in the accounts of Jesus in the Gospels, or the prophetic words concerning Him in the Old Testament, but we seem to have only stayed with Jesus the Saviour, receiving only the good things, grace, gifts, provisions, without knowing that there is a whole arena to learn.

Over the many years I have written on this site, I have endeavoured to relay what I am learning, you my companions, in the learning. Revelation is always progressive which means my understanding is not complete in the moment, but is growing. Many times I have investigated houses of thought, and have investigated forms of belief, some being already in error.

There is a dissatisfaction with many who call themselves believers, because the so called Church is divided and limited.


It seems that as hearts outside the realms of the Gospel are closed, so also the hearts in the Church are just as closed, in that we are in a sense being “politically” groomed, and our lives reflect the pressures our peers put on us. The disunity and the false judgment that abounds, is closing doors, like I have posted in the above image. Many heresies and errors have sprung up about the traumas and errors people experience today.

I myself in 30 years of ministry experience, have had many bitter experiences, but as I have gone into prayer and into walking with God, more and more I see the “myrrh” of life as preparing me for greater perspectives and more wholesome processes. I have had personal losses, bereavements, and have gone through these normal traumas of life, with a new renewed perspective. Some do not have this structure. I have seen many allow their faith to be moulded by subjective experience.

Every day Jesus comes to us, as He did His Disciples, and ask “who do you say I am?” The challenge is there in the question. The saying is in the knowing. The knowing is also in the saying. Paul says “I believe therefore I shall say…”, our confession does not come from academic knowledge we have, it comes from our lives being interactive with Him.

The purpose of this series is to understand this interaction and know that the only breakthrough and purpose we will have is in direct correlation with the knowing of Him in full measure and stature. May we approach this new series with this in mind.


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