Christmas Unwrapped: birthing Jesus in confusing times

The emerging picture

We continue our series of Christmas when broadcast media are now giving their retrospective view of 2018 we see not only an emerging picture of what is becoming evident for 2019, but that the uncertainty and fear that comes with it, works against the financial system. Societies feel injustice, and poverty abounds.

I do not believe we live so far away from the reality of Jesus’ birth. Indeed what we see is a land under a iron grip of occupation. When we consider today the mindset of Palestinians against the formation of Israel in 1948, we see the same language used. What is fuelling Hamas and others is this sense of occupation.

Jesus was born in the midst of a Zealot struggle based on getting back Israeli sovereignty away from the Roman occupying force. Many leaders and so called Messiahs came forth bringing their followers into direct conflict with Rome.

It seems history repeats itself over and over. So when Jesus appears we see Him treated as the others, the only difference were the miracles He performed. The one miracle that shatters the religious status quo with Rome was the raising of Lazarus.

It was designed that only those prepared spiritually, baptised by John, walking in new repentance and waiting for a Kingdom not founded on conquest. To recognise the form this Kingdom is received and implanted. Not by might, nor by power.

It has always been the case that a major birthing of God’s activity is set against the backdrop of impending revolution.

The world today is also as divided as it was then. The centres of controversy being Washington DC, London, Jerusalem, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Kiev.

I cite these cities as prophetic markers for 2019 in particular. For from them will come ideologies to shake the world order.

The Church has a golden opportunity in these divided times.

But alas! The Church herself is divided with many many layers of dispute, Rome is the source of much controversy, politically for it’s original EEC treaty in 1957, then also the Vatican and its doctrinal stance as viewed by other denominations. The Church is rewriting history. Some are writing off continuity for doctrinal expediency. Others use doctrine to achieve personal objectives.

The Church has an opportunity to look beyond the current world situation and see it has the power to influence and impact for greater awareness of God’s eternal plan. Yet our divisions are deep.

Unless we seriously approach the Cornerstone our foundation is merely man made.

So in this season that Jesus desires to come to us, we must be spiritually aware of the form He could manifest. Many times God has moved outside of human understanding and prejudices.

Citing the example of Du Plessis, Pentecostal minister, who felt the Call to minister into the Vatican, and his denomination pulled his ordination papers. Yet he paved the way for the 2nd Vatican Council where foundations were laid for a renewal in the Holy Spirit and His gifts and ministries in the Church.

It takes this for Jesus to be birthed in an age of great decline of spiritual life in and outside of the Church.

Jesus came to open the eyes of those who were receptive by a heart stirred toward God. And in 2019 He desires to complete a preparation work that breaks all our prejudice, religiosity, ignorance and lack of discernment.

This way we will see beyond the babe and see a King.


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