Word for the Church in England

God resists the proud and lifts the humble.

The Lord is calling for humility within the English Church. Pride has brought about arrogant division and divisive preaching leading people to believe that their congregation is “on the cutting edge” when it is on the cutting edge of attitudes that God resists.

The Lord says to the Church repent and be humbled under the mighty hand of the Lord. If you are not humble I shall humiliate you before men. He who bows before God shall stand with princes.

The Heart of God is full for the Church in England. But the Lord says ” hear my Heart…for you have lost the sound of my heartbeat, of the new things I care to do in your midst. As you see the new born on your scans, and hear the strong heartbeats, so my Heart beats strong to birth the new things in my beloved land of England.

What He calls for a humble and simplistic heart, where projects and visions hold no more fascination other than the intimacy I long to have with you. For as the Bridegroom longs for His Bride so He shall long for you.

The new move of the Spirit in the land shall not be marked for signs but known by its intimacy.

This is time for England to replace the heart of stone and I give the heart of flesh.


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