2 women in a Barvas cottage


This weekend I had the privilege to go to Cornwall, on work and prayer too. Cornwall has many good memories for me, as my family would go for a week once a year to St. Ives, right on the end of Cornwall, where the Bristol channel meets the Atlantic.

In my prayer time, one thing has come very strongly. The account of the start of the Hebrides Revival, for which I have written various times regarding this. In fact when I as the minister of this site, first purchased this domain, the url is a very long word. You see it is http: thespiritandthebridesaycome.com . It was not a purposed thing to do. However the Hebrides figures strongly with me, as it is the last national and powerful move of the Holy Spirit, which impacted the whole island. It was not a Pentecostal revival, but Church of Scotland, the Scottish equivalent of the Presbyterian Church, which takes its roots from  St. Columba.

In this setting that in 1948, the Holy Spirit impacted the whole population of an island off the coast of Scotland. This was not a chance event, but it was in response to the prayers of key players. We can focus on the Barn, where 5 elders of the Church prayed 3 months, on 2 Chronicles 7:14, but we can forget about Peggy and Christine in a small cottage in Barvas. They cultivated such a fellowship with God that when you consider one was blind, the other deaf, what presence of God was experienced there.

They heard the sound of revival when the island was enslaved in the normal poaching and drinking habits. They saw the Glory before it fell. They also heard who God would use as a vessel to preach the Word. Duncan Campbell was the man God chose to preach to the settlements, villages on the island of Lewis. Yet he was not due to stop there, because of other commitments. The sisters had sent for him, with the elder of the Church there. Yet he declined the invitation, yet the sisters knew God was about to redirect his steps.

They had had a promise from the Word that God was to pour floods on dry ground. Their faith and intimacy with God was such that despite what the reality outside was like, and the fact they could not readily get outside their cottage, for their age and disability, they cultivated such a prayer life, that each household on the island was prayed for by name by them.

The Presence of God when it fell in power due to these prayers, was so strong, that in the middle of that night, cries from the small houses, of conviction for sin, was so great that Duncan Campbell was sought to preach the Word and see them come into salvation. The pubs closed, the police station closed, the poaching stopped, prayer meetings were thronged all day, many times, and throughout the day till 3am. There were visible manifestations of the Lord Jesus along the roads, angelic hosts were regularly seen, and at one place where heard singing.

How did all this start?

2 sisters in a small cottage, who in their old age, spent their time praying.

Many churches and ministries believe that revival starts big. Big meetings and movements. Yet when you go back to history of each revival, where it was prayed down, was either never known, or were not part of the meetings. They are almost of very humble posture, who thought nothing of completing their prayer task than become a household name.

The Lord gave me a vision in 2011 of prayer houses. These were all over the UK, little lights, where prayer was their main passion, rather like the cottage of Peggy and Christine.

I believe that in every revival, God looks for those who have no human ambition for pulpit or platform ministry. They do not aspire for influence or power. All they seek is the intimacy of fellowship with God in the Holy Spirit.

I believe that revival in the UK will come at a time when the Church as we know it, exhausts its energies in strategies, and sees that prayer and nurturing fellowship with God will be the centre. From these small lights, will join up in a new spirit of unity that the land will become a mass of light.

It does not matter if your house is small, if you have a disability, your greatest ability is prayer. This prayer is kindling a ardent desire to know Him, and the power of His resurrection.

The revival will come from the small places, where small people will greatly impact heaven so that in the UK, will shine an end time light which will pave the way for the greatest harvest of souls.


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