Smartphones are my Passion

Smartphones are my Passion

I have from time to time tested and reviewed Smartphones, and had a site on Blogspot. However with other issues taking up time I let the project go dormant until recently. Inspired by Marques Brownlee and Joshua Vergara, not to mention Jaime Rivera and Michael Fisher, my interest was ignited again.

To explain fully, the consumer regularly, about every 2 years renews their phone contract with the acquisition of new smartphones. The new regular releases of the Google Pixel, the Samsung flagships, the Hauwei phones, with OnePlus phones, makes the market very competitive.

The role of the reviewer is to review these phones for a set amount of time, and make a write up. This write up is verbal, visual and written. This includes text and video. As well as photo shoots.

The challenge beyond being actual and relevant is that we have the resources to acquire the phones, acquire the experience, and make consumers desire the products, opening the way to purchase and contract for new smartphones. This is both good for the consumer but also for the manufacturers who invest with reviewers to test their products.

This project is an interest, and also not competition to the people cited above, rather to compliment them and provide my own flavour in this diverse and interesting world of product and personality.

I believe that beyond this site, where the Lord has enabled me to innovate through Biblical Truth, I am also sure that where my interests lie also lies creativity and lies innovation to bring in resources to be able to expand both ministry and business.

We look for investors therefore who can help us with this. If you desire to sow into this venture use Paypal using . Please pray for this new venture.

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