Saying Prayers or being a prayer: Praying in purpose

Jeremiah 1:5, I sanctified you and ordained you as a prophet to the nations. When we take this scripture in its proper context we see how strategically placed was Jeremiah in history. He was privy to the knowledge that as God’s covenant people had strayed so far away from the Lord , He was determined to shake up their whole lives. We see Nebuchadnezzar invade Jerusalem and demolish the Temple and the houses in the city. The people were carried off to a foreign land. Their whole way of life was changed and shaken up. When we also consider that … Continue reading Saying Prayers or being a prayer: Praying in purpose

Smartphones are my Passion

Smartphones are my Passion I have from time to time tested and reviewed Smartphones, and had a site on Blogspot. However with other issues taking up time I let the project go dormant until recently. Inspired by Marques Brownlee and Joshua Vergara, not to mention Jaime Rivera and Michael Fisher, my interest was ignited again. To explain fully, the consumer regularly, about every 2 years renews their phone contract with the acquisition of new smartphones. The new regular releases of the Google Pixel, the Samsung flagships, the Hauwei phones, with OnePlus phones, makes the market very competitive. The role of … Continue reading Smartphones are my Passion