Interpreting the Present

The role of the prophetic is to speak for God. To speak into the affairs of nations and to defend the principles of God’s covenants extended to men.

But there is a tendency today to prophesy into the political process, the international situation and build a end time prophecy from it.

Relevant to the UK is the Brexit situation which is a political bloodbath. The politics of fear is manipulating the populations.

It is not the job of the prophetic to be a political commentator. He must be a interpreter when God writes on the walls of palaces around the world. Yet it seems that many are speaking and prophesying against the Word attributing to God feelings of anger when we are not correctly representing the character of God.

I sense wisdom comes in the times of feverish campaigns of politics and elections. I seem to sense my own spirit close up and I refrain from speaking out toward a candidate or party.

The fact is many who say they flow in the prophetic get taken up with the euphoria and opinion.

For this reason Elijah left the palace of Ahab and was hidden by God at Cherith. To wait for the famine to do its work. Or John the Baptist in the wilderness waiting for God to get him to raise the voice of repentance so that Jesus could come forth.

This is what marks the true prophetic, they refuse to get into the campaigns. The limelight. Want to be hidden so that their voice when it sounds will be greater than election promises but will challenge every soul to repent.

We are in a transition. The Kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdom of His Son. He does not need to ride upon injustice, but on righteousness.

When there is so much noise you will find the prophet silent. When there is a need for a clear voice then you will find him speak.

So my call to those called to the prophetic, refrain from trying to foretell. You are called to a broader task than that.

Many in the days of electoral change will see their credibility fall. And those who read end time eschatology into world events making wild prophecies will be shown to be wrong.

To prophesy truly requires the knowledge of the season, a intimate knowledge of God’s character and His programme for His Church and Israel.


P.s the series “saying prayers and being a prayer” will continue

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