Luther commemoration

Today we celebrate the day (31st October 1517) that Martin Luther nailed on the doors of Witternburg Cathedral 95 theses that initiated in Europe a process of both reformation and division. What we must do is celebrate what is good that came out of the Reformation and face this phase of history in a true... Continue Reading →

Smartphones are my Passion

Smartphones are my Passion I have from time to time tested and reviewed Smartphones, and had a site on Blogspot. However with other issues taking up time I let the project go dormant until recently. Inspired by Marques Brownlee and Joshua Vergara, not to mention Jaime Rivera and Michael Fisher, my interest was ignited again.... Continue Reading →

Following my passion

For some time I reviewed smartphones on Blogspot. However due to other commitments I let that project die a little. However after receiving today a review unit fruit of some official communication I found I had never lost the passion for smartphone technology. I shall be launching Smartphones are my Passion on WordPress this week.... Continue Reading →

Interpreting the Present

The role of the prophetic is to speak for God. To speak into the affairs of nations and to defend the principles of God's covenants extended to men. But there is a tendency today to prophesy into the political process, the international situation and build a end time prophecy from it. Relevant to the UK... Continue Reading →

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