Luther commemoration

Today we celebrate the day (31st October 1517) that Martin Luther nailed on the doors of Witternburg Cathedral 95 theses that initiated in Europe a process of both reformation and division. What we must do is celebrate what is good that came out of the Reformation and face this phase of history in a true light of reasoning. I have prayed long and hard over the last 2 years concerning where we are going as a universal Church. There are two realities which God shows me clearly. He shows me a heavenly Vision and a earthly reality. The two do … Continue reading Luther commemoration

Saying Prayers or being a prayer: Rend your heart not your garments

There is a sense within God’s people that there must be a whole refreshing and new approach to the Faith. A new revitalisation. The Holy Spirit needs to come into this generation. The intensity of Church programs which centre on meetings of prayer and intense movements based on rediscovering prayer are spreading all over the world . There is a impending sense that the Church is needing a generational rebirth, as the world hurtles along a path of wholesale confusion of values and mindsets. I was not even seeking for this message when I saw in my mind’s eye the … Continue reading Saying Prayers or being a prayer: Rend your heart not your garments

Saying Prayers or being a prayer: Praying in purpose

Jeremiah 1:5, I sanctified you and ordained you as a prophet to the nations. When we take this scripture in its proper context we see how strategically placed was Jeremiah in history. He was privy to the knowledge that as God’s covenant people had strayed so far away from the Lord , He was determined to shake up their whole lives. We see Nebuchadnezzar invade Jerusalem and demolish the Temple and the houses in the city. The people were carried off to a foreign land. Their whole way of life was changed and shaken up. When we also consider that … Continue reading Saying Prayers or being a prayer: Praying in purpose

Smartphones are my Passion

Smartphones are my Passion I have from time to time tested and reviewed Smartphones, and had a site on Blogspot. However with other issues taking up time I let the project go dormant until recently. Inspired by Marques Brownlee and Joshua Vergara, not to mention Jaime Rivera and Michael Fisher, my interest was ignited again. To explain fully, the consumer regularly, about every 2 years renews their phone contract with the acquisition of new smartphones. The new regular releases of the Google Pixel, the Samsung flagships, the Hauwei phones, with OnePlus phones, makes the market very competitive. The role of … Continue reading Smartphones are my Passion

Following my passion

For some time I reviewed smartphones on Blogspot. However due to other commitments I let that project die a little. However after receiving today a review unit fruit of some official communication I found I had never lost the passion for smartphone technology. I shall be launching Smartphones are my Passion on WordPress this week. Please pray and support this project. We need resources for reviewing phones. Please keep on the lookout. The series “Saying Prayers or being a Prayer” will continue. These messages must follow what God inspires, in the way He inspires, and the depth of what He … Continue reading Following my passion

I saw the Lord/ special message

Last year I devoted some time to a series called I saw the Lord. It was based on Isaiah 6. Isaiah had a transforming encounter with God in the Temple. As one who would aspire to be a student of the Word one would take Isaiah 6 on face value. The fact is we cannot . In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple. Isaiah 6:1 KJV We must go behind the scenes to find out the prophetic significant of Isaiah 6:1. … Continue reading I saw the Lord/ special message

When you are in the Eye of life’s storms: personal message

I am currently as well as my family, experiencing the troubles of life this week. Our children became very seriously ill. I am writing from hospital tonight. Nisia who had a kidney transplant 2 years ago has been very sick. It certainly challenges your faith and your theology when confronted by sickness. I have heard it said that this life is heavy and full of trials. Yet Jesus makes us an invitation of exchanging our “yoke” of sickness, trials, needs, for His light yoke of rest. Rest is what I am crying out for tonight. There are two opposite poles … Continue reading When you are in the Eye of life’s storms: personal message

Saying Prayers or being a Prayer: Opening the Doors of the Temple

2 Chronicles 28: 24 Ahaz gathered together the vessels of the house of God, and cut in pieces the vessels of the house of God, and shut up the doors of the house of the Lord, and he made him altars in every corner of Jerusalem. 2 Chronicles 29:3 He in the first year of his reign, in the first month, he opened the doors of the House of God. Ahaz was a wicked king. We see a contrast between him and Hezekiah who came after him. Where Ahaz closed Hezekiah opened. The Lord highlighted the generational contrast to me … Continue reading Saying Prayers or being a Prayer: Opening the Doors of the Temple

Interpreting the Present

The role of the prophetic is to speak for God. To speak into the affairs of nations and to defend the principles of God’s covenants extended to men. But there is a tendency today to prophesy into the political process, the international situation and build a end time prophecy from it. Relevant to the UK is the Brexit situation which is a political bloodbath. The politics of fear is manipulating the populations. It is not the job of the prophetic to be a political commentator. He must be a interpreter when God writes on the walls of palaces around the … Continue reading Interpreting the Present