Personal Update

I have not written in a while. I am writing this not well and laid up. Not sure what has gotten hold of me. Whilst pain is unpleasant I always try to find reason for pain and somehow I am reminded by the prayers of the saints.

I started my journey to Ampleforth on 27th July with a retreat which God spoke to us from Judges 2; a generation that knew not the Lord!

There we felt the weight of conviction from the Lord. It was a very powerful time indeed. It goes into line with the preparation of the Lord for which this site embodies our ministry. Many times in my dialogue with members there seems sometimes to be a disconnect. First of all this site started in 2011 when I newly arrived back from Portugal after 15 years of ministry and training ministries within the Assemblies of God.

The Lord takes us on a journey where depths of relationship overflow into ministry.

The time was very profound for me as I am always seeking for intimacy and the subtle nuances of His Voice. I believe God is bringing us to fullness and I will treat this in my new message: THE SPIRIT AND THE BRIDE SAY COME: WHEN STREAMS BECOME ONE RIVER.

These messages for me form the backbone of the overflow of my own discovery in the Word. Some things coming may challenge theology as we have handed down where I would like to encourage the readership to be autonomous in resisting the Spirit of the age.

This spirit of the age manipulates our priorities in maintaining our materialistic focus and survival.

This tendency in all of us must be resisted once we discern it.

The Lord will move in the most surprising places and people.

In my considerations to publish these messages I am acutely aware of the different backgrounds and persuasions that the last motivation is to promote one theology and one persuasion which today can bring division and debates which beyond being counterproductive also opens us all to a lower attitude rather than be enriched by Biblical revelation.

After Ampleforth I journeyed to Lancaster to friends who have a vision for a Retreat centre. Was a blessing.

Then a trip to Gloucester to treat ministry.

Since then I have come under some kind of “attack ” against my health. I have been in bed 3 days now with some worrying symptoms. Please pray for me as I need to go out on important ministry.

Pray for me.

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