Voice in the Wilderness; He who comes after me

John 1 makes this affirmation concerning the Baptism that He would bring. We will look at the Baptism of Fire in a forthcoming message.

God caught my attention at this phrase. John repeatedly refers to Someone coming.

John the Baptist is preparing the people. In John 1 the leaders were focussing on John the Baptist and asking if he is the one they were all waiting for.

What were they waiting for? Who were they waiting for?

Any new voice, different from all brings great expectation. I write this on a day which we celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan. The message from the Episcopal ministry Rev. Curry struck a chord as two races at Royal level joined together in marriage, all in the name of love. His message is different and challenging.

How much more are those prophetic voices which pull back the veil of circumstances to reveal the hidden purpose of present events.

Yet this one voice points to Something and Someone greater! He was saying;

If what you see and hear now catches your attention and impacts your life, it is not just this now that will impact, all this you see and hear is preparation for Something and Someone greater”

And it is this attitude that is lacking in our churches and in the ministry world. We concentrate on what we can do, what we can sing, what we can preach, without once giving the chance that Something or Someone is coming to bring something greater and far reaching!

We have programmed things so much that our meetings and services have become man centred.

When He comes after us…He will bring what is greater and more powerful.

Surely if we flowed this way, He would come and reveal and manifest!


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