Invitation to Invite

We have several series here on this site. These include;

Transfiguration Series

Revival Series

Isaiah 6 Series

Voice in the Wilderness Series

Harbinger of Change Series

Many of these extend 4 or 5 messages all geared to bring a inspiring and deepening approach. These must bring us to prayer and practical steps.

If you are interested in having these studies expounded in your Church or group please write to to get more details .

This site is a taster of a greater banquet in store.

Our invitation to you is to contact us at various levels. Either by invitation to your local congregation ; or by giving feedback . We get little feedback . It seems busyness characterises many of our lives. What we share here is for edifying the Body. As such we live in obedience to the Lord. It in no way is guided by opinion or feedback however these are good to give us an indication of our readers.

Every day we live in expectation of what God will do or reveal in many levels of our hearing.


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