Voice in the Wilderness: Ripe for Revolution

“Behold I will send my messenger ahead…” Malachi 4

It seems that the world is in perpetual revolution. The wheels of injustice, protest and war revolve in almost every generation.

The timing of John’s departure to the desert can only be at the crest of expectation as zealot aspirations increased as Roman domination was felt in Israel.

We know from reading extra biblical literature of those days many self styled messiahs and prophets led unsuccessful campaigns at the occupation.

Talking about occupation I write this article at a time when Gaza is now again rising up against what they see as occupation by a Zionist state of Palestine.

It seems that the Arab, Palestinian and Islamic grievances stem from what they saw as an imposition. There seems not to be a fight against the Jewish faith but against what they see as a political solution. Many of us in surveying the situation of terrorism and war in the Middle East we believe it has to do with aspirations based on faith issues.

It seems not.

When we see this now and compare to the same powder keg of John’s day we see the wisdom of God in confounding political aspirations with the presentations of spiritual messages and actions that cut across the hatred and grievances built up by centuries of injustice.

The fact is is that John and Jesus came on the scene in a time ripe for revolution.

John and Jesus came to bring a revolution but not one that would mean an end to grievance via resistance, war and conquest.

We can surmise from this appearance of John and Jesus that what Israel wanted was a warrior and what they got was a servant King. Everything that could have been a potential flash point was confused as they spoke in a new language and acted in a way that only the discerning knew what God was bringing in.

The lessons for us are plain. We live looking for a revolution. Whether we look to throw off friendships, leaders, politicians by the force of our grievances . Many a march , many a protest has brought a change but the human condition without Christ always is corrupted by power!

Much is made of elections and referendums but unless there is a honest and humble commitment to bring justice and equity for all the same game continues of waves of increasing depths of corruption and deception of the general population.

Then in the Church universal the same power corrupts making priests and pastors wield a political influence without any heavenly endorsement . Before long men of God become like Samson ; that after selling their God given secrets and their hair shorn are brought blind and bound for mockery.

What is needed in our day of impending revolution is a Man of True Authority. We congratulated ourselves when communism fell in 1989 to find that not even 30 years down the road that we find our capitalism just as ineffective . Hence the time for revolution is ripe. The type of revolution that is brought in depends on the players who are raised up.

Our paradigms of success; work and ministry are going to change because whilst we see the signs of the End Days we must catch the sense and contours of God’s plans to know that what He is to bring in is His Appearance suddenly “in His Temple”. Malachi 3.

His Temple can be significance of His People; the meeting place dedicated to worship ; a place of prayer. There is a suddenly coming. It will be sudden to those who were not watching and praying!

And Malachi 3 treats with a visitation to leaders ; government; ministries. Who can stand the Day of His Visitation? A pertinent question!!

To whom much is given much will be required.

When you consider that for 2000 years there has been no physical temple to match that of Solomon’s with a physical and spiritual majesty , God comes suddenly in our day to birth a spiritual revolution in those who pass the refining of Malachi 3.

Either the revolution starts in God’s house bringing reconciliation or starts in the world by war and destruction. The choice is ours if we do not heed His Call.

So as much as Revolution is ripe for the picking so that originators are those who seize the moment either by political means bringing the Antichrist system closer or by Divine Call bringing Jesus Coming in our generation!

The choice to heed and pass His Refining belongs to those who are the Voice in the Wilderness.


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