12th May

This post is special as today marks 28 years since I left my home town to embark on a journey.

It all started by my habit of prayer in the office of my first Church. The presence of the Lord was especially strong. A year previous my father had been diagnosed with mesothelioma. A cancer related to contact with asbestos. That year was difficult as chemotherapy had not been an option.

I had been training in my local Church the last year. Now completing that training the Lord had come especially close. It was unnatural. And the Scripture of Genesis 12 was always a passage that had characterised this time of prayer.

It was Saturday 12th May 1990 after bereavement as dad passed away 6th April that I went with our youth leader and friend to Torbay to begin a new life. Today 28 years later 12th May falls once again on a Saturday. And memories of that time and God’s faithfulness come. I in these 28 years lived in Portugal happily married with 2 wonderful offspring and now back in the UK after wonderful years of ministry abroad.

This site was opened when I had arrived back in the UK in 2011. And since then God has added great insights into the times we live through the teaching and prophetic opportunities that I have experienced.

Today I celebrate this day with my Lord and my beloved family, celebrating His Goodness as without Him many things would not have been possible.

May we always remember the days which God changed the direction of our lives.

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