Alert! Conflict between Iran and Israel

We need to pray. I am receiving reports of tank mobilisation to the northern border. These reports are coming by Facebook and I am still regarding these as rumours .

However it is obvious that today as President Trump decided to pull out of the deal with Iran sealed by Obama in 2015 it could be obvious that Israel would want to preempt some kind of response in view of inflammatory rhetoric coming out of Tehran.

From a Christian/Jewish point of view it seems that Iran is to pass through shaking . We see through history that God has used Babylon and Persia to humble Israel to be then humbled by the various powers that occupied Persia after. It is obvious that after 1979 and the revolution that a steady escalation through proxy sponsorship of terrorism against Israel is coming to a head.

We pray that the common people of Iran wake up to the Gospel and tyranny of the ruling class . That the false ideologies that motivate terrorism throughout the nation’s be given a great setback.

Today according to prophetic words from many prophetic ministries see the withdrawal of the USA from the agreement a prelude to the humbling of Iran. Let us pray that any conflict be a conflict that is not reminiscent of Syria.

This is a call to urgent prayer. That God prevails over politics and ideology.

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