The Ever Repeating Passover Story

Mark 11. Luke 19.

The whole story of Easter/Passover begins fully at the Entry of Yeshua into Jerusalem. What God has made me see is that the whole week from now is repeated in lives and in history over and over again.

In Luke 19 we see Yeshua approaching Jerusalem having before Him the week of teaching, establishing, exposing, cursing, betrayal and death.

All across the world today celebrates the Easter message. Today we celebrate Yeshua’s entry. But before He enters He is taken up in weeping. The words that come forth are chilling to say the least; “You did not know the hour of your visitation. ” In close examination it is key players of that day that do not recognise the significance of Yeshua’s coming to Jerusalem. It is the symbols that confuse and diffuse. Yeshua knew He was treading in ground ripe for political Revolution. There was discontent at the status quo that the Sanhedrin played to the Romans.

And it was for this reason Yeshua rode into the city on a donkey and with a donkey’s foal. This detail comes in Matthew’s account of the same event. 2 generations that Yeshua rode along. It would be 2 generations that would bear the consequences of the events that would take place.

The event was to diffuse all confusion that Yeshua had come to a political mission or install and physical Kingdom. Yet the crowds were carried along by a false euphoria with the cries of “Hosanna blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.” They were not attentive to what was about to take place. They were the same who cried out “crucify Him, crucify Him” at the end of the week.

It all resumes in Yeshua’s intercession. None were attentive to the hour of their visitation. The hour of visitation was to institute a new way of righteousness, a new temple, a new glory. All would shake all concepts of business as usual.

The entry into Jerusalem with its palm branches and then Yeshua’s visit to the Temple passed off as a anti climax. Yeshua observed everything and left straightaway. Then the next day to whip out the money changers and declare that a House of Prayer for all nations was it’s purpose, but now far away from its original role detailed in 2 Chronicles 7.

So how is this story repeated in our day? There is still misunderstanding about Yeshua’s mission. Even in the universal Church. Doctrinal and ecclesiastical questions keep denominations alive and division rife.

Yeshua still in our generation promote an hour of visitation. Will we recognise it when He comes?

And then the form He comes in. We wait for a carnal peace to find His coming brings for a moment a shaking and confounding of what our humanity looks for.

Then it seems when He comes to our sanctuary He is silent. Observing. He does not speak. Then departs only to return and expel our tendency to mix the Gospel with trading in principles of the world.

Yeshua does not come to solve our political questions, nor confront injustices. He came to show a different way.

The whole story of this week can be mirrored in our day. The consequences being we in misunderstanding Yeshua, we fall then on the wrong side of history. Yeshua’s mission in our generation still gets fulfilled yet we have been passed by. Yeshua deeming us full of our own ambitions and the worldly influences that prevent us from seeing who Yeshua truly is.

The fact is in the small details that determine where we will be when our visitation comes. And the symbols Yeshua presents before us, will we forsake modern concepts to embrace a pure Biblical interpretation?

Few perceived and few paid the price of waiting. When you consider that Isaiah had the clearest prophetic picture of Yeshua’s mission then, and today, that it takes our commitment to prayer and reading to really see.

Yeshua will come in the form that this generation needs. If we don’t recognise it, or resist it could mean that in the day of darkness we are overtaken by it 1 Thessalonians 5:4.

In AD70 the Temple and city were broken down. The priesthood scattered to the four winds. Until 1948 Israel did no longer reside in the Promised Land. Surely in the Supreme plan of things their rejection opened the door to the Gentiles.

The key therefore is when the hour of visitation comes, we are prepared and recognise Him and the form He comes to us. That way we are with Him in His difficult ways of bringing in His Kingdom in a generation ripe for war and Revolution.

So this Palm Sunday let us welcome His Visitation and recognise Him as Messiah and Lord.


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