New Series! Apparent contradictions are Doorways to a new level of Understanding

Today we live in an age of contradiction where we see dysfunction and confusion. The Lord in the last few days and weeks has PREPARED my heart for this new theme.

May God help us to understanding the following principle: APPARENT CONTRADICTION IS A DOORWAY TO A NEW LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING.

This series is to embrace this principle fully so that we come into a walk of union with God!

You see CONTRADICTION because you need to come into a new sense of your walk in Him!

He beckons you as He beckoned John: “Come up here…Come higher”.

When things and circumstances make no sense you need to go to Him who is all knowing.

In this series we will go through doorways.

The doorway may seem closed but He is the key!

He beckons us higher. Beyond what appears. Beyond what our feelings tell us.

Let us discover together.


2 thoughts on “New Series! Apparent contradictions are Doorways to a new level of Understanding

  1. AMEN, God has shown me a similar thing . . . as far as new level of understanding . . . between contradiction goes, and what some deem false doctrine . . . Our understanding from God’s perspective is key . . . He loves people in all denominations that is for sure and what He has continually shown me from different seasons in various schools of thought denominationally.

  2. Yes is it true, God really is almighty. Whoever you are, no matter what your race is and whatever your beliefs are, you are still a child of God. We might ask ourselves why do we suffer from the problems that we are facing right now but, God has a plan for us, God gives us this challenges because he knows we have the strength to overcome it. These challenges will change our perception of life, this also serves as a way for you to remember him and surrender everything to him. Find peace and love within yourself and then try to give all these to others, and you will be rewarded accordingly.

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