To Him was given a Kingdom and Dominion: Daniel 7

He was presented before the Ancient of Days.

Daniel 7 gives us a window of what happened when Yeshua was ascended. He was ushered into the Presence of the Father.

He was given a Kingdom

He was given influence and majesty so that those who were His Subjects would bow and confess Him as their Lord.

We have our attention of all that does not matter. Today we must turn our attention to Him who is All in all.

From Him all flows out! All life and light flows out from His Being.

Nothing else matters. Nothing else compares.

He went from this earth a Suffering Servant And became Eternal King.

He was given dominion…

The enemy and all His dominions were broken as Yeshua was given overall dominion over all. Today we who submit to His Rule do know peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. (2 Corinthians12).

He comes to us afresh today and asks us to turn our eyes away from ourselves to know we are not the centre of the Universe. Yeshua is the centre. All that He is, all that He has is all. We must deliver ourselves from ourselves so that all that we do flows out from all that we are in Him.

We have catchy praise and worship songs but what Yeshua asks, is that we displace ourselves and put Him centre and all that we declare is Him and Who He is. This is true worship.

There will only be one constant in eternity. Worship! We will not pray or worship to obtain but to offer Him the worship He deserves.

He wants us to be translated away from the politics and the details that do not matter. Only when He is exalted in our midst He will come!

Your answer is not healing, not deliverance, but Yeshua!!! HE IS OUR ALL IN ALL.

He will not come back for our structure, not our songs, not our social action. He will come for those who love Him, live for Him.

The Spirit cries out and the Bride shall also cry out! The cry shall be heard throughout creation; “Come Yeshua!” The Spirit yearns for the new creation to come! HE yearns for the full reign of Yeshua. The Bride cries out to join with Him.

The Cry of the Spirit shall be birthed in those who hear and commune with the Spirit.

In those days shall hearts who are cold be ashamed before the extravagance the Spirit shall pour out in the hearts of those who cry out “How long oh Lord!” Those who are persecuted and despised shall cry out for they have entered the deeper place where the Spirit moves and has His Being. They shall know the Desire of the Spirit; for Yeshua and His Revealing.

In that day the Lord shall know who are His! They shall be marked by their love! For those who put prophecy; faith; deliverance before the life of love shall He say; I do not know you or am I known of you!

The Ecclesia shall not be marked not by its music but by its love!

For the eyes have not seen or ears heard what He has prepared.

Only those who know Yeshua as their All shall know.

Come Lord Yeshua Maranatha!!!


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