The Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to His Temple; prophetic Word

In every move of God messengers have come to clear the way for the Lord.

This verse has to be taken in context.

What is the context?

1. God clears the way via the prophetic messengers

2. God will come suddenly

3. His destination is the Temple.

4. He will purify the priests and refine the Levites.

Number 4 is the context of this passage describing this visitation.

The Levites were those who were “joined ” to the Lord. The name Levi means “join”. As we see in Biblical history that Levi answered the Call to join the Lord against idolatry and impurity.

The Lord whom you seek…

The Lord always visits when He is sought after. And very often they who seek are not part of “recognised ministry”. They are those outside who can see objectively the condition of God’s ministers.

Who are you seeking???

What are you seeking???

This process in the seeking means being stripped away from the religious trends of the day. The modernism and gimmicks must leave the sanctuary of the Lord.

The seeking is a process of putting the Lord at the centre. This is not easy when for so long there have been other priorities. We can go so long without the Presence of God. Prayer can be fleeting, now a new earnest must occupy our hearts.

How intense is our seeking?

Shall suddenly come…

The visitation of God is surprisingly unexpected. As we have been accustomed to just walking by faith in the invisible we start to see visible manifestations. We feel a sense of conviction, we see angels, we see lives hardened to the Gospel suddenly cry out to God for salvation.

To His Temple..

The temple is the centre of prayer, worship and the Word. It can be individual, collective in its application. That which has been dedicated for these purposes is the destination for His visitation. The Temple belongs to God!

Today we believe we can run the “Temple” as we would desire. Yet there comes a sense of belonging to the Lord. In that sense we get a vision into the start of the visitation. Once we see we are His then our mode of life changes.

He shall come to purify and refine the sons of Levi…

God wants a new joining. He shall refine as silver says this passage. We see that when silver is refined the fire is stoked up and the impurities rise.

I get disturbed when I hear rallies call fire upon the congregation because they do not know what they are calling for. The fire is for bringing up the impurities so they can be dealt with. Many a group asked for revival fire to be face to face with major issues and character flaws, without ever understanding that this manifestation is part of the process. Fire is never associated with power, is associated with holiness. We need to prepare people for what the implications are of the fire of God.

If you are seeking you will know that He shall appear suddenly! Are you prepared for His coming? He shall purify you as His joined one, so that His sanctuary be full of His Glory. If you seek this be assured He shall come!

2 Chronicles show how God came to His Temple. He rained down fire on the sacrifice and filled the house with His Glory. No minister was on his feet. All prostrate before “His weight”.

Ezekiel 11 shows how His Glory departed. It stepped away in phases. As we see that the Glory departed and we see it’s prophetic application that this happened just before Babylon came and destroyed the Temple and the city.

The Church needs the “Lampstand” so that Christ may walk in the midst.

These Lampstands represent the Light of Christ’s revelation through His People. They represent the ability to manifest Him through gifts and ministries that impact lives and change circumstances.

The Lampstand in Revelation 2 is given as there was a passion in their “Levites” to serve and love Him. As Ephesus lost its first love so Jesus said He would come quickly to remove the Lampstand.

Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.
Revelation 2:5 KJV
He we have another quick visitation. This visitation is for removal. In Malachi 3 is for revival.

What God is saying is He is coming quickly! But what sort of coming? It depends on our preparation. In Malachi they were seeking Him. In Revelation 2 they were maintaining appearances!

Today God is looking for a people looking for His sudden and quick coming.

Who can stand the day of His coming?

Many cry out for His Coming without knowing that His coming will be an intense confrontation. Only those in love with Him will stand the purification. They will come out of the fire like polished silver.

Those days are here. God is about to visit His Church in a new way. They shall take up “Levi” with serious commitment to be joined to the Lord.

Those days have come!


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  1. Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely feel this web site needs a great deal more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the information!

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