Prophetic Word: “I have prayed that your faith does not fail “

But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.
Luke 22:32 KJV

The Lord gave me this for specific people going through trials right now. There are specific trials either brought on by ignorance of the Word, relationship issues, misunderstandings and rejections. There are also those who are going through long term health issues who feel that God is not hearing them. Many who have a Call to ministry on their life yet their body condition does not allow them to fulfil it.

The Lord said to me that Satan asked to prove Peter. “But” Yeshua is praying…

Hebrews 9 says we have a High Priest who forever makes intercession for us. This is a great pillar of our faith and hope today .

Yet God has allowed a season of testing! When you understand what God is saying you get the dimension of where and how God is taking you.

Peter was tried sorely. Yeshua told him that in a particular moment he would not measure up. In one moment he would not be able to identify himself with Yeshua and the cost it would mean.

Peter almost lost his faith in the midst of personal failure. He almost entered back into his old life.

Yeshua brought him through because the very trial he went through would do what the verse says;

But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.
Luke 22:32 KJV
When he is turned (converted) and he understands the trial he receives a prophecy here…hidden in this is a Call to a new direction in his life.

Peter stood up on the day of Pentecost and through a powerful message was established as a leader of men. God used even his shadow to heal and deliver.

Your trial is to deepen and safeguard your faith. Yeshua is constantly interceding for us so that WE come into a greater place of authority as we face a nature that fails and does not fully identify with Christ in the moments we should.

God is not making us mere followers of Him but we come into love. Peter’s restoration was through Yeshua’s dialogue with him. The failure was not in what he said or did not say…his failure was not coming into love.

Yeshua is praying that our faith will not fail. But faith in what? Romans 8 says; what shall separate us from the Love of Christ ?

Yeshua allows the trial of our faith because we need to have a special kind of faith for the trials. This faith is a special gift to make us secure in the Love of God that once we understand God’s wisdom we shall in turn see hidden in the trial seeds of our Calling.

Peter may have stumbled temporarily but Yeshua not only prayed but made him see what he needed to understand.

God is calling a new leadership generation that shall refrain from preaching and partaking a Gospel that “makes rich ” or a “instant healing” Gospel. God has His ways of dealing with His people. We should not propel our own ministry success at the expense of the believers’ frustration.

God is calling us today to see that Satan may try our faith but today we have One in heaven who identified in every way with us, ever makes intercession for us.

God is saying to you today; I am taking you through this trial to strengthen your faith, perfect your love, and cultivate your hope. You will come through into the deeper realms of my love and you shall turn a generation back to me.


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