That they may be One 3: Comm-unity

Acts 2 is undoubtedly the most important and most powerful manifestation of God upon His Ecclesia.

120 people waited in the Upper Room. Did they know how He would come? I doubt it.

What the Holy Spirit brought beyond the gifts and power to be witnesses they became a comm-unity which would cause them to make great impact at that time.

The first outward sign that the Lord is visiting His Ecclesia is that He knits hearts and minds to become one. The benefits of this is that there was a equality of possession, provision, prosperity. People sold land’s and houses to the Ecclesia, so that all would be fed and the mission of Yeshua could be fulfilled.

We read of manifestations; revivals, but the most important aspect is that we are made in Spirit to be a community saturated with God so that they see our love and solidarity. In a world full of divisions it is time that this manifestation appears in our midst.

Remember it was the Holy Spirit that brought this into being. Just imagine the companionship had each day in prayer; the breaking of bread, healing the sick.

No-one was lonely or depressed as their needs were met collectively.

We pray; Holy Spirit come and make us your witnesses and a community of love and supernatural social action.


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