That they may be one 2; Wrong focus

Unity is always seen as a horizontal process. Much effort is found to made to find common ground in doctrine and theology.

That is the wrong focus. Unity starts with God and ends with God.

Jesus’ prayer highlights the priority…” That they may be One as we are One.

Unity started with the Upper Room. Heaven came down. Holy Spirit envelopes them in fire and wind; blowing away the old ways.

The Holy Spirit came to reveal the Glorified Yeshua, and remind us of His Word; and relay to us the same power and authority that Yeshua walked in.

But to receive all that we must first know the type of unity that the Godhead lives. Without that understanding our unity will be merely on a human level.

No passage reveals the operation of creation than the Godhead as Genesis 1.

The Fathers wills it

The Son speaks it

The Spirit manifests it

Each member of the Godhead is distinct. And different. Yet that difference does not provide divergence. We talk of the way they are seen yet there are intimate details which the level of life that God lives is way above what we may understand. His nature is love; light; living. There is no strife, envy or jealousy. Each values each as much they value themselves.

As we read the Bible we see the way the Father has dealt with eternity and creation. The fact we have not reach the fullness of unity in the Church resides in our human understanding of God. We are so programmed humanly to impose our rights; get our entitlements, opinions valued. There is so much strife that conflict arises. The offended goes into defensive more and the offender goes into rejection mode.

Unity must start with love. It is no decision as unity is part of the divine nature. There is no insecurity in love. There is no need to impose a statement of rights.

The first manifestation of creation is light. God is light so creation must be an extension of Himself.

For the numerous ministries, Churches, ministers and believers to come into unity they must come first into love.

Yeshua said; the unity that you are in me and I in you. Unity is not me coming into unity unto another…That is I move toward another. No. We both move closer together into union.

Therese de Liseux lived her life in pursuit of Union with Christ. That mean she wanted to be closer in Him and He in her. This is true unity.

Unity must mean we move away from our ideas; and opinions to unite with Him as He unites with us. So much so that church structures; plans and visions do no longer matter.

Some Churches I have visited have been either too business like with God, others have been too familiar with God that they treat Him like a personal Santa Claus. They are opposite attitudes but we must get a balance and this comes by seeing unity from a new platform.

Unity does not start horizontally. It starts by our interaction vertically.

In Jacob’s life he was fleeing from Esau and as he slept in flight so a staircase to heaven opened up and showed him how much God was present in his life. So Jacob at the end of his own ways he could remember that interaction particularly with the platform of Covenant with God is what really mattered.

Unity starts and ends with God.

Therefore it’s on God’s heart that His ways on the earth is not to promote one Church over another, not promote a ministry over others , not promote a formula of theology over another. Today God wants to draw all into Himself so by being in Him He can be fully in us!


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