McChurch part 1: Acquaint with the True

In this series we will highlight modernist trends. We must not focus on the negative. We must see in revelation and in the Word the True Church. The Ecclesia of God is a glorious expression of Yeshua in the earth. The Glory and Presence of Yeshua is poured into those who respond to the Call to Be the Ecclesia.

The Ecclesia is those who separate from the World to be separate unto God. It is a pure and directed separation!! There is no doubt when that separation takes place; as there is devotion and love toward Him who bring us into His Holy Company.

This separation does not come without heavenly response. The Lord Himself sends His Ruach as a sign we are part of His Eternal Dwelling.

This eternal Dwelling shows a ignorant world that He is alive for evermore.

The vibrancy of heaven accompanies those so called.

However down the centuries this reality has declined and declined till we merely see a shadow.

Today we must ask God to reveal His Ecclesia.

Are you ready?


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