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I am giving a preview of the message I am about to put out, concerning my disquiet concerning tendencies that I see being propogated by local churches throughout the nations. The reason for this preface is to wisely qualify that I am not pinpointing any particular movement, denomination, stream of church organisations. However, it is the tendencies that some of these adopt over time, which will have an adverse effect upon the spiritual climate and spiritual discernment of the saints.

We do not seek to be controversial, nor do we police the Church as religious people, rather we alert for all to discern for themselves. Today there is such a prolific propogation of all types of Youtube videos, posts on blogs, calling by name, those who they regard as false teachers and false prophets.

I certainly will not embark on this kind of pursuit. I feel once I do that I have gone into an arena of religious debate, which leads us into division, leads us into controversy. Today we live in a generation which is easily offends, and is offended. However, the prophets must speak, but it is how they speak is the key.

When we consider Nathan the prophet, who confronted David, after his sin, we see a great wisdom exercised and where David himself, reached his conclusion, and was confronting himself over that which he had done.

This kind of wisdom today must be exercised so that we do not divide, as this contravenes the greatest prayer that our Lord prayed, that we may all be one in Him. This spirit of unity must be present in all we do, aiming to alert and to comfort, so that what we see as tendencies, can be corrected, prayerfully. Whilst changes in the local church, must come from leadership, the Bible is clear about our posture concerning local church leaders. We must respect and prayerfully ask God to reveal the pattern of the Church to them.

The title of the Message is “McChurch” and is hard hitting from the outset, but we must pray that first our vision of the Church, the Ecclesia, as revealed in the Scripture be preserved as well as our attitude and prayer from our study together.

I am not purporting to know everything, and many of what I publish here takes so much time to publish, as I look for the clarity and wisdom necessary to transmit what I believe God wants to reveal.

God wants to reveal Jesus in every generation, and to do that we must enter the same Spirit dimension that Jesus lived in, walked in, talked in.

That way we will come away, not with suspicion, but trust, not come away with an ego, but with an essence of desiring to pray and support, and not with offence, but with overtures of love.

Pray with me, that we reach this in this message, which shall come forth in the next few days.


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