New post explanation

I am giving a preview of the message I am about to put out, concerning my disquiet concerning tendencies that I see being propogated by local churches throughout the nations. The reason for this preface is to wisely qualify that I am not pinpointing any particular movement, denomination, stream of church organisations. However, it is the tendencies that some of these adopt over time, which will have an adverse effect upon the spiritual climate and spiritual discernment of the saints. We do not seek to be controversial, nor do we police the Church as religious people, rather we alert for … Continue reading New post explanation

Site domain

This site domain is; thespiritandthebridesaycome. This domain is blessed. Blessed because of your comments and contributions. This domain is now for renewal via WordPress at $26. This ministry has no salary and depends on the Lord to sustain it.  If you can contribute please use PayPal email address.  We ask you keep praying for health issues relating to my last message.  Continue reading Site domain