Prayer need

Dear all

I am quite sick at the moment as I am away from home in work and ministry. Since January 1st a strain of flu has hit my family. My daughter suffering more because of her immune suppressants for safeguarding her transplant. She has suffered what is known as a strain from Australia. It may not be. However hospitals have been hit with a crisis because so many have been affected. I also have succumbed to this virus. In the same way. I am even without my voice and very sore throat, headaches; vomiting and diarrhoea; very unpleasant. My wife has also the symptoms too. 

I am writing to you for prayer. We look to God for our healing. We also count on the encouragement and prayer from those who reach out to bless those passing through unpleasant situations. We value you. Pray that my family can get liberty from this virus. Pray I can return home. We thank God that in moments like this our faith is dependable and effective. We do not fight alone nor do we guide ourselves by uncertainty but a certainty that healing is accessible to those who believe. 


2 thoughts on “Prayer need

  1. Read your post, and replied on F’bk, if that’s okay. Let me know if you would have preferred it here. Praying for you all, Russell, Paula and your son, as well as Nisia, and you. Bless

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