That they may be one 2; Wrong focus

Unity is always seen as a horizontal process. Much effort is found to made to find common ground in doctrine and theology. That is the wrong focus. Unity starts with God and ends with God. Jesus’ prayer highlights the priority…” That they may be One as we are One.” Unity started with the Upper Room. Heaven came down. Holy Spirit envelopes them in fire and wind; blowing away the old ways. The Holy Spirit came to reveal the Glorified Yeshua, and remind us of His Word; and relay to us the same power and authority that Yeshua walked in. But … Continue reading That they may be one 2; Wrong focus

That they May be One 1: Pattern for being one

That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. John 17:21 KJV This is a necessary theme to start 2018. It is almost a year since I started to meet with God on a new level. It took me to places geographically that I never would have thought. It has shattered my own “Word-view” as I saw it forever. My own theology was erased and replaced with a theology which embraces realities long forgotten through … Continue reading That they May be One 1: Pattern for being one

At what price? The Holocaust and the State of Israel

Today many pictures depicting the Holocaust that killed millions of Jews at the hands of Nazi Germany. This act of mass genocide culminated 2000 years of dispersion that occurred in 70AD when Titus sacked Jerusalem, destroying the Temple and dispersing the people across the known world. Today there are moves in many political arenas and ideologies that desire to erase this horrific episode of history. Is it by chance that within 2 years of this war that the United Nations pass a decree allowing the Jews to return to Israel, their land. Today the connection is made that the Holocaust … Continue reading At what price? The Holocaust and the State of Israel

New! That they may be One

The Lord is doing a deep work in His People. The Lord has indicated to me that we need to finish looking at McChurch and look at the last prayer of Jesus of John 17. This prayer was prayed before the most painful and sacrificial of deaths, and Jesus knew it and was facing it head on with anguish. This prayer has yet to come to full manifestation. The most significant part of this prayer is about the Ecclesia being ONE. The reality today is that there are many denominations that call themselves “Church” and yet we are more and … Continue reading New! That they may be One

McChurch part 4; fast food theology

Today we live in a generation of contradictions where social media instead of making us social is isolating and consuming our time. The majority of believers do not study the Word and the majority would believe everything that is preached without having any deeper understanding. The quality of McDonald’s and the appeal has nothing to do with the ingredients but that it is fast and tasty. We can do this theologically too. I have been persuaded through the Great streams of mega Churches where the circuits and countries where they proliferate is that they package their theology and teaching to … Continue reading McChurch part 4; fast food theology

Word to prophets; come out of your cavern of vulnerability

Come out of your cavern of vulnerability In 1 Kings 19 we see Elijah victorious by one act of heaven’s intervention proving that the God he served was indeed the One who manifests by fire. The nation turned from the greatest false cult of the day. Indeed even today the cult of “Baal” is alive and well. The Word “Baal” is “lord” but a small Lord at that. The antidote is a prophetic move of demonstrating that the Great Lord God is one who answers His prophets. Many moves of God have been had. However the leaders have embraced a … Continue reading Word to prophets; come out of your cavern of vulnerability

McChurch part 3: Make it appealing

There is no doubt that McDonalds is appealing. It is quick and a treat. Everyone knows it is not a good option for a daily meal. Yet we know it is well known all through the world. The M illuminated shows us we have arrived at one of the franchised outlets. The sad thing is we are doing the same with Church. We are now appealing to the masses. The change is subtle and takes time to achieve. It may mean bringing in people who market things and package what they market. Paul the apostle in several of his letters … Continue reading McChurch part 3: Make it appealing

McChurch part 1: Acquaint with the True

In this series we will highlight modernist trends. We must not focus on the negative. We must see in revelation and in the Word the True Church. The Ecclesia of God is a glorious expression of Yeshua in the earth. The Glory and Presence of Yeshua is poured into those who respond to the Call to Be the Ecclesia. The Ecclesia is those who separate from the World to be separate unto God. It is a pure and directed separation!! There is no doubt when that separation takes place; as there is devotion and love toward Him who bring us … Continue reading McChurch part 1: Acquaint with the True

New post explanation

I am giving a preview of the message I am about to put out, concerning my disquiet concerning tendencies that I see being propogated by local churches throughout the nations. The reason for this preface is to wisely qualify that I am not pinpointing any particular movement, denomination, stream of church organisations. However, it is the tendencies that some of these adopt over time, which will have an adverse effect upon the spiritual climate and spiritual discernment of the saints. We do not seek to be controversial, nor do we police the Church as religious people, rather we alert for … Continue reading New post explanation