UN outrage over Jerusalem

In a symbolic way the 182 nations went against the move of the USA to recognise Jerusalem as a capital of Israel and move their embassy accordingly. 

I am quite outraged about our own government voting against the action of USA with Israel. Zechariah 10 is quite clear about the consequences of how nations deal with Israel. 

The fact is the UK government has once again walked into an arena where God will show the nation how it erred however symbolic the move is. 

The Church of the United Kingdom should unify in a statement condemning the actions of our Ambassador to the UN and our government policy. As a unified body of believers enlightened to the Biblical purposes of God for Jerusalem we need to show our government that they should alter their policy as it is against our most powerful ally and because as a Christian nation enlightened and a pioneer in Church history must stand with Israel with all the blessings that come with such a stance. 

Let us pray that the Mercy and move of God come to change attitudes at Westminster so that WE not be counted as a goat nation but of the flock of God. 

Has not the UK been the pioneer in the Balfour Declaration that paved THE way for the restoration of the nation of Israel in 1948? The current vote therefore has no consistency with Britain’s stance since 1919. 

Therefore let believers everywhere in this country call upon the government to change course and see that Jerusalem is historically and spiritually of Jewish legitimacy as a Capital linked not for political purpose but spiritual ones. 


8 thoughts on “UN outrage over Jerusalem

  1. Dear the Spirit and the Bride, I agree 99% percent with your comments. I listened to Nikki Haley’s speech at the U.N. and read her tweets.I agree with her, how she said her support of other nations of billions of dollars were not reciprocated. As you are – I am an Englishman, and I feel ashamed of the U.K. government’s short-sighted stance. As you said, they should be consistent with their Balfour statement. To me, it looks like pure appeasement to the enemies of Israel, who continue to destroy Israel. If the U.K.stood shoulder to shoulder with the U.S. then this would weaken those enemies. Israel and Jerusalem deserves to be a strong and thriving nation and, just like every nation of the world, has the right to choose their own destiny; who do they think they are (including U.K. that can tell one of the smallest nations and most blessed nations that they cannot choose Jerusaelm as their capital – Or that the U. S. cannot chose the location of its own embassy. Wow, imagine if the U.K was condemned by all the rest of the U.N. for deciding to announce that London is their Capital. This is what we have come to expect from Mrs. May who claims to be a Christian, yetand supported Messrs Cameron and Clegg in their antibiblical gay stance, and now yet mire anti-biblical stance. Unfortunately, just as the Bible says, those who condemn Israel will be condemned and those who support and pray for Israel, will be blessed.All those nations who condemned the U.S. will have to pay for their foolishness and political-corrected pathetic appeasement. How would they feel if we took away their right ro choose the location of their embassy, or their Capital?

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