2017 Year of a Journey; a look back

Christmas and New Year are always times when we look back over the last year and see how God has led us, where He led us and what we learned.

It has without doubt been a very tough year. I travelled extensively doing retreats and receiving also from God. As with every year there are high points and some very low points to note. 

Many times those low points are when we lose the notion that God is with us and our security in His Love is shaken in some circumstances. In the Retreats I had privilege to share at, I learned very deep principles of how God moves and operates, but more than all of that it’s not what I preached or shared that is most important. 

Knowing Him

It is the key to all years. It is not specifically tied to a season this year that I comprehend. The times that I had the most insight was when we did the Isaiah 6 series in February to April. These messages are not just researched but they come with hours of meditation and with much silent time. A well crafted message could create impact but this site is not for that. It is, I hope a reflection of a common pursuit to know Him with the reader also. I am not teaching novices but dialoging with the learned also. 

The key always to walk outside the rays of fear is knowing Him. And the enemy of our souls loves to try to bring us into that arena to demolish remembrance of former times when faith is all I had.

When I started this site in 2011 I had no permanent residence and was going on a relocation vision which came to pass. I had spent 15 years in Portugal and had ministered there and based in a local Church. 


In my travels I gained key relationships across Church denominational boundaries. Two particular journeys to London in May and November marked for us some seasons spiritually. Friends from Brazil came to take part in opening Lagoinha London Church. In the UK as the USA there is a multifaceted and multi racial mix. 

The pastors inaugurated that Church and we returned after a very tough season. I believe that knowing God and key relationships in the Body are key to our progression. Many people in other streams of the Church this year opened my eyes to new information and giving me the tools not to buy just official Church history told from a bias. 


What we need to keep going for 2018 is partners. Now they are not just investors financially but invest spiritually. Very often the posts which for me are mountain top experiences are met with silence. More and more social media has eaten away at our ability to dialogue and give feedback. Sometimes this 2017 has been marked with scandals , events, injustices which could have been points to involve, but sensed God’s hand not to get involved. The political and religious arena has never resolved anything. However spiritual dialogue with a view to be partners in a common work is what I ask God for. 

I ask God to send us those who will walk with us and support the work not just of this site but this site is an overflow of what I have shared in many places this year. We have made it known our availability to travel and teach more. To pass on what God has shared with me. 

Many have asked about giving and again we invite those who have been blessed by what I have shared this year to sow via PayPal using russelldurose@yahoo.com as the email reference. 


The year coming will be marked with greater moves of God but I also sense the need to step back and evaluate as there are many greater groupings of Churches and movements. As with every year there comes a plethora of “words” trying to discover what is coming up next year. What I sense is the Words of Paul to the Philippians which say; that I may know Him and the power of His Resurrection. For me is a key to going through and winning over the many challenges that we all face. May God ever speak to us and prepare us for each day, each meeting Him, and meeting those who also only have their focus on Him not just what journeys or preaching they may do. 

Happy Christmas 


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