Jerusalem; door to eternity

“As I turned to see the Bride I saw The New Jerusalem descend from heaven” Revelation 21.

Jerusalem is the focus of attention since the President of the USA announced intentions to recognise the city as Israel’s capital and move its diplomatic operations there. 

Over the last few days I have been laid aside very sick due to the viruses that accompany this time of year. But all the time God has been preparing my spirit to publish this message. It is tremendous because it shows and exposes where we are as believers. 

God began to show me that Jerusalem has been the focus of eternal plans since the foundation of the world. 

It is in Genesis 14 that the King of Jerusalem went out to meet Abram and bless him. Melchizedek was no normal king but a priest of the Most High. God spoke to me by showing me that God has put every purpose eternally in Jerusalem. The very fact that Abram left Ur  was to follow an eternal plan; shown to him in the desert. Hebrews 11 tells us that what motivated him was a city whose architect was and is God. Out of this same city was Melchizedek prophetically enabling Abram in His covenant to put Jerusalem in the centre of God’s plan. 

The whole journey in Moses and Joshua culminated in the capture of Jerusalem. Until David Jerusalem was the place that Kingdom was established. Under David was Zion dedicated and Glory accessible. 

Under Solomon was the city the home of a Temple full of Glory. 

Even though Babylon destroyed this Temple in 586BC through Ezra in 516BC to start to rebuild. 

We then from 70AD have a miracle where it is destroyed and it’s people dispersed. In 1948 Israel is reborn.

We see today much tumult over the attention given to the Jewish heritage of Jerusalem and wars in 1967 were over this city. It is apparent that spiritual war exists over Jerusalem. The Devil knows that it is an eternal destiny of blessing and peace. A place where all blessings promised and eternal life will be enjoyed by its citizens. Satan hates this with a passion and will use politics and ideologies, terrorism and war to try to delay the new glorious city to descend.

We are connected to this glorious city because we along with the apostles and prophets form part of the fabric of this celestial city. David in Psalms commands us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as it connects us to the Eternal.

There is no temple as we understand it as we will be its Temple. 

So in this season do not pay attention to the tumult of politics, just know that as believers our attention must be in Jerusalem today as it is a forerunner of our eternal habitation. 

Bless Jerusalem. It is a place of birthing the things of God. The Glory descended there over its temples and Tabernacles. And descended on 120 people in the Upper Room. Birthing the Ecclesia. So let us pray for its peace so we will secure our eternal citizenship. Recognise that the Bible has many threads that are consistent throughout. 

We are citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem. London is a great city, yet it shall not be eternal, nor Rome or Paris. New York or any other capital features in God’s eternal plan.. Jerusalem. Open our eyes Lord to your eternal plan and our place in it. 


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