Standing in the Evil day 

Ephesians 6 refers to the armour of God being the protection because we are all presented as soldiers of Christ in a battle. 

We are all in a battle even though the war has been won! Hebrews 2 refers to an apparent contradiction concerning Yeshua the Messiah subjecting all things yet we still don’t see all things subject! Yet what we see is Yeshua who is God’s phased plan. 

This is a personal message not just a theological or prophetic exposition. As I write I am very sick with a virus, but not just me but my whole family. My daughter who is on special drugs due to her medical situation has been hit the worse than us all. When you consider how your spirit is ready yet your soul and body so limited by a virus so weakening and so feeling out of the normal. 

I was to publish a significant message, prophetic for our day and so important that it would be a rich vision into the things God is giving glimpses of prophetically. I have not been able to publish due to sickness.

I would like to count on your prayers so that WE as a family stand in this evil day. Please send me your intercession . It will be so encouraging. Pray also for financial giving as we are having to go to hospitals and doctors and medications, we are praying for the Generosity of God in this Christmas season. 

Pray that I can get well enough for the publishing of this new message as it will open our eyes beyond all the chaos and confusion of our days. 

We thank you for your following our messages this year. We appreciate your feedback. 


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